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The Casuarina Beach Abode

The Casuarina Beach Abode

Casuarina Beach House Garden

When visiting Amanda and Luke's home in NSW you’ll quickly discover their beautiful garden and love of plants. Have you ever entered a home where you love every single little thing about it, from the copper tap wear to the white cascading bougainvilleas screaming out to you along the fence lines...

Welcome to their home.

Finding Inspiration

Having recently moved this year into their new home by Hammerhead Building Projects, we were curious to know where they draw inspiration from. Turns out everything can help you pick the best plants — from the endless hrs spent on Pinterest, elegant copper fittings, Bromely paintings and the surrounding gardens of those fortunate enough to live in the Byron Bay areas, inspired them to shape a space of their own.

Goals for Using the Space

When creating this new garden, they considered how the space would contribute to their family and lifestyle. Amanda shared with us some of the constraints that helped them figure out how many plants to purchase for their garden beds.

“Having two active boys as those who know means offer enough space and freedom but giving them limitations. We have always loved living by the sea and we use the beach as our main backyard, but we built right to the boundaries to enable more yard space and of course fit in the trampoline for the boys to let loose on.”

One of their favourite spots is the outside deck. With a busy life like lots of people, this is where you can often find them relaxing and entertaining while surrounded by plants. And then of course, there’s the herb garden, which you can see out the kitchen window and provides easy access when cooking dinner.

With this sort of functionality built into the outdoor space from the start, the home has become something to keep forever.

Setting the Mood with Plants 

They’re blessed with white Bougainvilleas climbing along their fences, Trachelospermum jasminoides (Star Jasmine) flowing through as ground covers, and Strelitzia nicolai (White Birds of Paradise) distinctively placed to highlight the stepping stones leading to the house.

When wandering through the garden beds, you discover how the Magnolias and Pandanus are key parts that help to add accents for your eye to focus on.

The front entrance has tropical feel with green Zoysias as the ground covers and you’ll find Star Jasmine again climbing its way through the fence, helping tie different spaces together by using the same plant.

Many of the plants they’ve picked are low maintenance, allowing them to focus on enjoying their beauty, without worrying if the garden is going to be in trouble anytime soon.

Making It Your Own

After buying plants for the first time online, Amanda and Luke have nailed this beach inspired home with a warm, friendly, and unique style of their own.

Curious how to take inspiration from Amanda and Luke’s garden and bring it into your own home? Look no further. Here’s some things to consider:

  • Think about the goals and style of the space. How are you going to use it? What plants match your style?
  • Don’t have time to take care of lots of plants with picky characteristics? Pick plants that are low maintenance.
  • Keep in mind that plants are going to keep growing over time and start to fill the space more. We’re so excited to continue observing their garden evolve.

     By Ethan Bodnar May 2016

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