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Liriope Evergreen Giant... A plant we totally dig!

Liriope Evergreen Giant... A plant we totally dig!

What great little plants Liriopes are!

They are well mannered, grow in full sun to full shade, need little attention and give a cooling green layer to all gardens.

Originating in SE Asia (China, Japan), they are grown all over the world and are referred to as Lilly Turf in the US though neither a Lilly or a turf.

Liriope Evergreen Giant grow to as much as 500mm tall by about 600mm wide and produce small purple flowers in late Summer. These are followed by black berries in profusion in winter, bunches look good enough to eat straight off the plant (but don’t!).

Liriope perform best in full sun to semi shade where the glossy foliage looks best and plants are encouraged to display their flowers in season.

Space your new plants out about 500mm apart in well prepared beds. Soils should be opened up to allow roots to develop and seek moisture and nutrients.

Incorporate gypsum in clay soils and Maglime fines if soil is acid. Once planted, apply mulch to a depth of 75mm and water in well.

Liriopes are specified in the tens of thousands by Landscape Architects across Australia because of their admirable qualities- ability to withstand heat and cold, sun and shade, wet and dry conditions. An all round great ground cover for so many situations but one that shines when conditions are improved. 

There are several species and many cultivars of Liriope. Some have flat habits and resent hot conditions, others are excellent growers to the point of being invasive. Liriope Evergreen Giant is just about right for most Aussie conditions.

You may find variegated selections of Liriope which do best in shaded positions. 

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