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We take for granted our floral friends with whom we share this planet!

We take for granted our floral friends with whom we share this planet!

Well if you haven't already heard it "there are health benefits to plants"

It might seem a fair stretch of the imagination to suggest that the embracing of all things horticultural will eliminate our massive health costs in today’s society, but it will go some way (26.2%?). Plants have health benefits beyond the obvious.

Plants produce most of our food. There is a benefit right off the bat.

We depend on plants for our food whether directly or indirectly. Having nothing to eat is a serious health risk!

We also need to breathe. Consider that trees ask for nothing except water, CO2 and sunshine to exist and with those meagre elements produce Oxygen for us to breathe. Hold your breath for one minute to see just how important that stuff is.

The sun beats down on this vast globe and heats it up. The spreading canopies of forests provide shade to cool us down, sometimes by as much as 20 degrees C.

Without trees and shrubs there would be no food sources or habitat for birds and animals. No trees, no birds, no life , colour or song. 

Trees and shrubs produce flowers with nectar in vast quantities to attract pollinators, ending up as honey on our toast but the real payoff is the pleasure that floral displays give us. Cherry trees loaded with delicate pink blossoms in Spring can move the hardest of hearts and give joy to all who sit under.

A bunch of flowers, though cut and doomed to death, gives so much pleasure to the household. That pleasure can be measured in dollar terms, (across the world over $100 billion each year!). It is understood that the display will only last for a week or so but we are still prepared to shell out for that momentary pleasure. 

Indoor plants provide health benefits. They give off oxygen and absorb VOC’s, those nasty volatile elements produced by paints, carpets and household sprays.

It may take significantly more plants than space available to significantly reduce the nasties, but you get the point, plants clean the air. 

Plants give food, shade, colour, habitat, and oxygen. They stabilise the thin layer of soil and make tenable our environment so that we may exist. Plants give us joy, if only we can be still and stand still long enough to appreciate this fact.

We take for granted our floral friends with whom we share this planet. They can happily live without us but we can't last a millisecond without them.