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A fancy gift for all occasions: How to give the best gifts without leaving the house.

A fancy gift for all occasions: How to give the best gifts without leaving the house.

Gifting flowers has long been a part of Australian culture. We use them to express love, remembrance, thankfulness, thoughtfulness or even celebration.

While flowers certainly are beautiful, there’s one major catch – they just don’t last that long. After a few days, they start to wilt, leaving behind nothing but sad, withered stems. What starts out as a meaningful gift, turns into something…kind of depressing.

Flowers are, for now, plants are forever...

Houseplant gifts are an amazing alternative to fresh flowers. Instead of wilting in a vase of water, a potted houseplant will actively grow and thrive, especially if you follow our help guides after purchase. Instead of the recipient only getting a few days’ enjoyment, a plant can give them a lifetime of happiness (evergreen!). 

Not only are plant gifts hardier and more sustainable, but they’re also super versatile. There really is a plant for every personality and occasion! Name the person we can show you the plant.

DIY plant gift boxes online

Choosing the cream of the crop, the right plant gift.

When it comes to gifting plants, there are tonnes of different species and variegations to choose from. To help you to find the right plant gift– think about what the, where the and who the!

What is the special occasion?

First up, think about the special occasion. If it’s a more casual celebration, like a housewarming, corporate gift or farewell gift, opt for something simple and stylish. A beautiful succulent, paired with a chic pot is a great choice for these occasions.

For more romantic smoochy affairs, like Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, find plants with hints of pink or red, like the gorgeous Aglaonema or our rosy-leafed beauty the Philodendron erubescens Pink Princess.

For Mother’s Day, send mum that gift that keeps on giving with indoor flowering varieties such as Spathiphyllum or how about an Anthurium?. To be honest, mum will just love the fact that you gave her something she really likes. 

For a baby shower, try gifting a plant that doesn’t need much attention (parents-to-be already have enough on their plates!). Both Spathiphyllum and the Birds Nest Ferns, are great hardy plants that also boast lush, green foliage to celebrate new life. 

Who is the lucky person?

Thinking about the person you’re gifting the plant to always helps! Consider their favourite colours and their personality. For bold or quirky characters opt for eye-catching variegations such as Pothos Pearls and Jade, String of Pearls or Calathea makoyana. For the more relaxed and modest personalities, seek out more traditional and timeless plant species such as Zanzibar Gems or Spathiphyllum varieties.

Also, consider their plant care abilities. Varieties such as Syngonium Neon, Ficus Yellow Gem and Philodendron Birkin are great beginner plants. For those certified plant killers out there, Pothos or Sansevieria varieties are great choices.

If it's all to overwhelming shop our Assorted pack of houseplants and gift them a little taste of everything. 

Where is the happy plant is going to live? 

Have a think about where your plant gift is likely to end up. If the plant gift is destined for a life in an office or dark home, choose a plant that doesn’t need a lot of light. Some low light varieties include Zanzibar gem, Aglaonema, Ficus elastica & Pothos varieties. Keeping in mind all plants need some form of natural light to grow. 

If the plant is headed for a balcony, patio or area with natural indirect light, then you have lots of choices. Some tried and tested indoor favourites include Parlor Palms, Ficus Lyrata and Monstera varieties.

Still, struggling to find the right plant gift?

Don’t get your knickers in a knot we’ve thought of everything! Recently we pimped up our beautiful DIY plant gift box. This awesome gift pack includes...

  • Indoor houseplant – your choice of a variety of popular houseplants including varieties such as Pothos Goldilocks, Golden Pothos and Syngonium Neon, Monstera etc. We always feature the best houseplants of the month.
  • Self-watering pot – lightweight, BPA free and Aussie made, the pot allows plants to thrive by absorbing all the water they need while keeping roots aerated. Available in six fancy colours.
  • Premium Soil – just enough to house the plant of your dreams into its new self-watering pot.
  • Coconut coir mat – natural fibre overlay to keep the pests away and
    make your plant look extra fancy. Goes on top of the soil.
  • A fancy box – to tie it all together.

We love to attach a cute little gift note and better yet, we cheerfully deliver Australia wide. Whatever the occasion and whoever the special someone, with our DIY plant + pot + soil gift box, you can’t go wrong!

If you want to add a cheery on top you can also add to the cart one of our secret weapons, Meet Sustee he is the worlds first award-winning houseplant watering device. He can tell you when to water your plants and when not too. No, seriously he does.

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