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Spring Has Sprung In Australia. Here's Our Top 4 Done Things For Spring.

Spring Has Sprung In Australia. Here's Our Top 4 Done Things For Spring.

What’s that glowing orange ball in the sky? That’s right it’s the sun, and we're so excited we wet our plants!

Let’s all take a minute to appreciate the return of our beloved warmer months. You already know that spring is the best time of year, but here are some reasons that remind us just why that is the case.

1. The fresh air and sunshine is good for you. It’s scientifically proven that microbes in the outdoor environment benefit your health, the brighter light helps Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it stimulates the production of vitamin D. 

2. This time of year means new life and the return of birdsong. The morning chorus is a lovely alarm call and one of my favourite things ever.

3. Plants are stirring and before you know it there are leaves, blossom and colour emerging from trees, bulbs and wildflowers. All this colour and life improves your mood, what could be more satisfying than heading outside to soak up those early rays.

4. The days are getting longer. No more turning on the lights at 5pm, and best of all - the central heating can be switched off. No more thermostat wars (I’m Team Jumper). Open the windows and let in warming spring breezes that blow away dust and reinvigorate everyone with some bounce.

So what's the done thing for Spring?

In terms of caring for your plant babes there's a few things you ought to know now it's springtime!

1. Water
The days are warming up and your garden is getting the sunshine it needs to kick in to growing gear. Start to pump more water in as weather warms and those roots will reach out and drink up as they grow.

2. Mulch
Re-mulch those garden beds to keep the ground moist and make sure they retain it over summer.

3. Feed
Now's your plant's favourite growing time which means they'll need all the energy and nutrients they can get. Give them a feed of fertiliser which will give them a boost into the warmer months (but be careful to only use native fertilsier on natives!) 

4. Tidy it up
Cut off any dead branches or stems so your green friends can put all their energy into growing newer stronger ones.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Gardening

You might feel a sense of excitement or want get things done at this time of year. Some people indulge in a spring clean, Pah! Forget housework - spring is the perfect season to spend in the garden. But what to plant? I’m glad you asked.

Gardenia is a garden staple and it flowers all year round in warmer zones. It’s perfect for borders, containers and hanging baskets. Bright green foliage and sweet flowers, what’s not to like? Gardenia is such a charmer that it’s even easy to grow.

At this time of year, you can’t go wrong planting a few Agapanthus ready for summer blooming, but before the blooms appear you can enjoy watching its flower stems grow to a metre in height. Agapanthus are stunning lollipop flowers with long elegant leaves.  Plant them in close swathes or tightly packed in a container because they like their roots hugged tight. 

Native plants are heavenly drought-tolerant plants and the modern Australian native garden has never been more popular. No matter where you reside, the diverse nature of our landscape means there are Australian native plants to suit just about any garden and any climate. Take all the guesswork out of gardening and go straight for Australian Native Plants.

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Nosy neighbours? Spring is the perfect time to plant a hedge because those little shrubs are raring to go. Dig a hole, chuck in some manure, and stand well back.


Ah. Spring. So much energy and life is at work that you won’t want to go inside, but you can soften the blow by filling your work desk and windowsills with flowering cactus or houseplants, so there’s no reason to be sad when the sun goes down or you’re trapped in the office.

Spring has sprung and the sweet weather is coming. It’s about time – Hurrah. Shrug off those fleeces, pack away your slippers and let the glorious springtime warmth sink into your bones. 

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