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Be Your Own Garden Design Guru

Be Your Own Garden Design Guru

If you’re caught up in the property renovation buzz, then there’s not much standing in your way to creating a garden with the wow factor. Here are a few points to consider before you tackle the revamp.  

Goal Setters

Start the thought process with function. What do you use your garden for? Do you have green fingers? Are you a seasoned outdoor entertainer? Does the garden-to-plate idea excite you? Answers to these (and much more) questions start to form visuals of your dreamy outdoor space. A small wish list, developed over time is a good place to start. 

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Putting pen to paper

While no artistic skill is required, drawings are an invaluable way to visualise new ideas and they speak the language for any builder or landscaper you may engage in down the track. If employing a garden designer is not part of the budget than a simple outline plan drawn to scale will do. Your sketch needs to include buildings, boundary lines, existing trees and features like terraces that will remain.

Building blocks 

Most urban gardens will benefit from a strong geometric design that makes space appear wider, longer and more interesting. Long curves generally suit larger properties as they have room to develop movement. Start your sketch on a grid that has squares proportionate to a feature of your house, perhaps the distance between two posts on a veranda? The grid encourages you to create shapes scaled from your living space outwards and in doing so the garden has a natural unity with the house. Have fun with small curves, diagonals, and interlocking squares and always keep check of the balance between spaces. 

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Smoke and mirrors

Existing gardens have at least one unavoidable eye-sore. The success of your new garden plan will be how to distract the eye by creating new points of interest. For example if you have an unsightly shed, you’d be tempted to hide it with a vine-covered trellis, however, this will only attract the eye. It’s better to place an intended focal point like a bench elsewhere in the garden and hide the ugly feature with a solid screen.


The room outside

With so many visual inspirations and industry trends; it’s important to work out what represents your lifestyle the most. The same good judgment used to decorate your interiors can be applied to the outdoors with materials that echo your tastes. From modern minimalism with crisp, clean colours and big bold planting to the coastal Hamptons style with timber decks, manicured lawns and lots of florals; choose a style that is timeless and enjoyable to manage through the seasons.   

Whether you’re arranging sofas in a lounge room or garden beds outside, most people have a natural feel for proportion and balance even if it does take more than one go. There’s no hard and fast way to achieve the best garden design solution, but planning it as opposed to just planting it will give you more control and long term use out of the space.

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