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Bored during lockdown? Shop your dream garden with mail order plants!

Bored during lockdown? Shop your dream garden with mail order plants!

Suffering from a case of the lockdown blues? Don’t worry Australia! As the late and great Queen of Jazz (Ella Fitzgerald) would sing: You’ve got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative and plant the garden of your dreams. Okay, we may have adlibbed a bit at the end there, but you get the idea! 

While it sucks that you can’t be out holidaying or partying with your friends, lockdown is the perfect time to get stuck into your garden. Whether you’ve got a backyard or a balcony, we’ve created the ultimate guide to purchasing our mail order plants.


Where to start?                     

Finding the right plants for your outdoor spaces can be overwhelming. That’s why we have designed our website to be as user-friendly as possible. You can shop our outdoor plants easily by using a range of different categories and filters to suit your personal preferences and garden type. 

Shop by category

If you have a particular garden type in mind then try shopping by outdoor categories. Simply click the ‘Outdoor’ tab and then select an option from our range of popular plant categories. These include drought-tolerant plants, frost tolerant plants, pet friendly plants, flowering plants, Australian native gardens, tropical gardens, coastal gardens, poolside gardens, balcony gardens and narrow gardens. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, you can browse your selection and find the right plants for the job.

Keep in mind that we bundle our mail order plants to increase your savings. Once you have a selected a plant that takes your fancy, select the right sized pack to suit your needs (e.g. 8 plants, 16 plants or 24 plants). The more plants you buy, the more you save! 

Customise your own pack

Want to buy a bundle but don’t want too many plants of each variety? No worries! We totally understand that you may not need a ten pack of each plant. That’s why we offer a fully customisable mixed pack of outdoor plants.

Simply click the ‘Outdoor’ tab, then the ‘Mixed – Outdoor Packs’ option and select the Assorted Outdoor Pack. You can choose how many mail order plants you want in total and choose how many of each variety you would like. To do this, just specify your selections in the notes section where it says “leave any plant swap-outs here" (e.g. I would like 4x Callistemon citrinus, 2x Callistemon Viminalis and 2x Callistemon Injune Pink = 8 plants). 

Shop our collections 

Struggling to find the right plants for the job? Don’t stress! Our plant nerds have curated a range of popular outdoor plant packs to suit every garden and style. Simply click the ‘Outdoor’ tab and then select the ‘Mixed – Outdoor Packs’ option. You can then browse our range of popular outdoor plant packs.

For those looking for Australian native plants to support local wildlife, you can’t go past our Birds and Bees Native Pack or the Australian Native Rainforest Mixed Pack. For those looking to create a tropical oasis, check out our 50mm Tropical Mixed Pack or 85mm Tropical Mixed Pack.

Looking for a Boho, beachy vibe? Dive into our sun-kissed Coastal Pack! Want more colour in your life? Then the Flowering Pack is just what the doctor ordered! We even have a pack for all you crazy succulent lovers out there! 

Shop by size 

Plants come in all shapes and sizes, but our mail order plants are categorised into four main sizes, ground covers, shrubs, climbing plants and hedges. Ground covers are perfect for erosion control and moisture buffering. They spread low and horizontally and are perfect for covering steep banks or beneath shrubs and trees. Climbers are similar to ground cover but like to climb vertically, usually requiring a fence or other support to grow. They can be trained to climb up a variety of structures and often boast beautiful floral displays.

Shrubs range from short to tall in height, but they are always bushy! They are perfect for pots or for filling out gaps in the garden. Hedges are perfect for creating natural screening to add more privacy to your garden, while also adding some shade. 

Specify your search with filters

At any time, you can narrow your search using our variety of filters. You can filter by availability, plant height or plant conditions (e.g. full sun plants, part shade plants, drought-tolerant plants). You can also sort plants by a range of factors including: featured, best selling, alphabetically, by date or by price.

Looking to reinvent your garden during lockdown? Check out our full range of outdoor plants. With free shipping Australia wide and over 600 mail-order plant varieties on offer, Plants in a Box is the easiest way to buy plants online!

So what are you waiting for? Get planting and stay safe Australia!

Love from the Plants in a Box Team x

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