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Bouquets are Out, Plants are In: 5 Ways to Gift Better

Bouquets are Out, Plants are In: 5 Ways to Gift Better

‘Tis the season for sending flowers to your friends and loved ones: between Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day, holidays are in full bloom and it seems every weekend calls for a new bouquet! If you’re starting to get flower-fatigue, we have a novel new idea for you. Rather clicking “reorder” on the same dozen stems week in and week out, cheery little plants make great gifts. Here’s why you should up your gift game this season and consider gifting a potted plant! 

Plants are more eco-friendly.

Did you know that floral arrangements often come with a myriad of ethical issues (as well as a heinous vase that no one wants to reuse)? The nicest flowers (read: the ones you most love to gift) come from countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Colombia, where the climate is right for growing beautiful blooms. The downside is that these countries experience water scarcity and low wages, meaning that bouquet that set you back $15 cost a lot more to people around the world. And that’s before we even start talking about the process of getting those flowers from farmer to florist.

At Plants in a Box, we’re a family-run business based in the Currumbin Valley. The Prince family has been in horticulture for 2 generations: we specialize in old school handcrafted style of horticulture and lead a creative team of 5 who dig plants just as much as we do.

Plants last longer.

Can you guess how long a bouquet of cut flowers should stay alive? Well, if you’re lucky and depending on the type of flower, maybe a week, tops. Your mother didn’t let you perish after one week: why would you give her something that perishes just days after celebrating Mother’s Day? 

All jokes aside, plants are truly the gifts that keep on giving. We’re careful to make sure your plants get the best start possible: we hold our plants back from sale until they are big and strong, and ready to thrive out of the box.

Plants are versatile.

Flowers, house plants, succulents, grasses, climbers - so much variety! Plus, you can bring your gorgeous little grower to the office, plant it in your backyard, start an indoor garden....can you say that about a dying bouquet?! Selecting a plant requires considering their taste, style, and the green-ness of the recipients’ thumbs!

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Plants are economical.

Depending on your taste and resourcefulness, cut flowers can set you back anywhere from $30 - $60. And, may we remind you that you’re paying for something that’s already dying? Plants are low maintenance in time, effort, and additional resources; water and sunlight are generally all it takes to keep your plants healthy and happy, and the ROI is much higher on flowers that live long and bloom frequently than on a bouquet of blooms that droops within a day. 

Plants are good for your health.

Flowers are a nice gesture, but living plants actually have tremendous health benefits. Did you know that keeping plants in your home can help deter illness? In fact, having a plant with roots has been shown to decrease the incidence of dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry cough! Surround yourself with plants before the cold weather hits, quick!

Not only do plants help you physically, but a University of Michigan study found potted plants also score highly in mental health benefits: “being around plants improves concentration, memory and productivity. Being ‘under the influence of plants’ can increase memory retention up to 20 percent,” reports the study.

Time to up your gift game! Shop all our collections to find the perfect plants for your family and friends. Questions? Check out more from the blog or get in touch today!

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