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Bring in the New Year with a box of potted pretties

Bring in the New Year with a box of potted pretties

2020 is coming to an end (praise be!) and I think I can speak for everyone when I say, good riddance! 2020 was a complete bust, but luckily with the New Year comes new hope and happiness.

That’s right! At Plants in a Box, we’re all about optimism and we believe colour is the best way to spread the New Year cheer! So, without further ado, here are some simple ways to use potted colours to brighten up your 2021.  

What are potted colours?

Potted colours are colourful flowering varieties (plants) sold as advanced seedlings in little grow pots, ready to plant. While they’re traditionally planted in containers or pots, these vibrant blooms also look amazing planted straight into the garden. 

Right now you might be having flashbacks of granny’s garden, but we’re here to tell you potted colours aren't just for the over 60s! Potted colours are a delightful way to add a splash of colour to pots and gardens. They’re basically living floral arrangements and they are filling up our 2021 social feeds fast with their dreamy vibes.

Our potted pretties collection

Our plant nerds have rounded up the best of the best in potted colours. We’ve chosen a variety of vivid blooms that are fast growing and bursting with colour, so you can completely transform your balcony, deck or garden beds, backdrops into fields of flowers. The dreamier the better.

    Tips for planting potted pretties...

    Native or non-native?

    The list below includes a wide range of native and exotic flowers that will add instant impact. While we always encourage planting native, there’s no need to be a native purist. Feel free to get creative and combine native and non-native varieties to create unique floral arrangements. 

    Creating colour palettes

    You can create eye catching colour palettes by pairing complementary colours. For a cooler palette, opt for blues, purples and pinks and for warmer palettes, select reds, oranges and yellows. Otherwise, choose your favourite colour and then break out the colour wheel to find other colours to pair with it. White flowers are super versatile and can be used to complement any palette. 

    Make the most of the growing season

    Most of our potted colours are fast flowering in their growing season (spring/summer). This means you can plant your colourful babies now and enjoy them in their prime throughout the festive season. Better yet, many of these varieties are also groundcovers, so they will keep spreading and act as wonderful fillers in the garden!

    Planting in pots

    Planting potted colours is super simple! You just need to find a decent sized pot or container (like this one) with drainage holes and plenty of room for the plants to set down roots (we recommend at least 15cm deep). 

    Place the plants at the right height and then fill with more soil, finishing about 4cm from the top of the pot. Water your colourful masterpieces with seaweed extract after potting to encourage root growth and stellar blooms. Pro tip: use a premium potting mix to keep the soil moist between waterings!

    Want some more inspo? Check out this video to see us whip up a beautiful potted colour arrangement. 

    Planting in the garden

    If you’re planting potted colours in the garden, start by preparing the garden bed. Dig up the top layer of soil with a garden fork, mix through some slow release fertiliser and give the soil good water. Dig a hole for each plant about twice the size of its container so the top of the root ball is as the same height as the top of the garden bed soil.

    Pack the soil back around the plants and water with a seaweed extract to help the roots and flowers grow. Pro tip: Another sprinkle of controlled release fertiliser on top will keep your flowers happy and healthy for months to come! 

    Ready to get colourful?

    As Australia’s favourite plant mail, we deliver cheerful plants direct to your door. Browse our full collection of potted colours here and plant a happier New Year! 

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