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Big spaces need bulk planting!

Big spaces need bulk planting!

Well, now you have got to the end of your landscaping project, the man in the house has miscalculated costs and you now have less cash than a three time divorcee!

A trip down to the local big box to calculate costs has you a bit concerned that the beds outside will remain unpopulated for at least until your old age pension kicks in. Brain wave! Buy smaller plants in bulk, do it online, save petrol costs scouting around and save enough to pay for the kids braces. Genius! 

That’s how Plants in a Box started; we had the notion that gardeners either didn’t have the cash for an established garden up front (but had plenty of time) or felt that buying smaller plants and letting them grow into the space was a cost practical solution. 

Plants in smaller sizes are a practical alternative when cost is a consideration. You might have a fence line that is fifty metres long and needs planting out for privacy. Retail costs of plants in 200mm containers are currently (2016) between $15 and $25 each plus your time and cost in sourcing them.

Plants in a Box can have them delivered right to your doorstep for a quarter of this cost. Sure, smaller plants will take one more season to catch up and are more delicate when young but if you are prepared to water carefully at inception you’ve saved a bucketful.

Then there is the added satisfaction of actually being part of the growing process…’Hey, I grew those!’.

The process of soil preparation is the same except that you only have to dig much smaller holes and hey! you’ve just saved on chiropractic services!

All round Plants in a Box is a winner; save on cost, petrol and labour. Enough saved for that pair of shoes you’ve had your eyes on….

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