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DIY stylish succulent planters in 5 easy steps

DIY stylish succulent planters in 5 easy steps

How to turn our assorted succulent packs into an easy-to-care-for stylish succulent planter. 

A creative way to bring colour and texture into our lives is through succulents. Some of the most amazing gardens can happen in unexpected ways and succulent container gardens for small spaces are super eye-pleasing. 

They're perfect for any outdoor area. Whether it's on a patio, hanging on your balcony or sitting atop an outdoor setting, succulent planters will capture the attention of the space. Succulents are dynamic. These plants respond to their surroundings and are forever changing.

We have shopped online and created this colourful arrangement for you to follow our step-by-step guide to create your own stylish succulent planters.

What you'll need:

  • A Planter (make sure it has a drainage hole!)
  • Gravel or small stones (enough to fill about 5cm deep in your pot)
  • Cactus potting mix (this differs from the regular potting mix as it drains and dries out quicker)
  • Enough succulents to fill your planter (we shopped online and chose a variety of colours, heights and textures)
  • Polished stones for decoration (optional)


Step 1: Your container

Our favourite part about succulent planting is that you can use just about anything as a planter - as long as it has adequate drainage! We shopped ours from Zakkia Homewares however, you can use thriftshop finds, recycled goods or just about any pot you have laying around - but make sure it has a drainage hole!

Step 2: Prepare the container

Spread the gravel stones over the entire base of the container, roughly five centimetres deep. Doing this creates gaps which improve airflow, allows water to drain away quickly, and helps to prevent root decay.

Fill the remaining space with your cactus soil mix.

Step 3: Prepare the succulents

Get your style right first! Lay your succulents out in the arrangement you want to plant, keep moving them around until you're happy (this is much easier to do BEFORE you start planting).

Our styling tips

  • Consider height and colour when choosing your mix
  • Go for a range of tall, short and hanging succulents
  • Position similar varieties and colours away from each other to create some contrast
  • Don't stress too much - just go with your gut!

Step 4: Planting time!

Position the larger plants depending on your theme, start by planting your main plants first. Succulents that grow vertically have bulk to them and are difficult to balance - so you will need to increase their stability by using the soil.

Once these are all in place, plant the other succulents around the main plants as if you are creating a bouquet. 

Step 5: Top dressing

You can use polished stones as a top dressing for your planter. They not only look great, but they'll also stop the arrangement from shifting over time. We've gone with black to bring our the colours of our succulents, but there are many colours available to match any theme. 

Caring for your succulent planter

Day of arranging do not water!. Wait one week or minimum 4 days to water your planter, and then again two weeks after that and so on. Always check the soil before you water - if the soil is wet move to an area where it will dry out easily (ie. more sunshine!). Wait until the soil is fully dried out before watering again.

Where do I place it?
Succulents are not great indoor dwellers they take in carbon dioxide in the night, so it makes sense they will struggle to be in a place that is enclosed. They need a spot where air circulates well and bright light. Unable to breathe sufficiently they cannot create nourishment and will only become weak. So a spot with plenty of sunlight is ideal. Light air and water are vital for a succulent.

That's about it! We told you they were easy care!

You can see the plants we used in the video description, or shop our full succulent range here.

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