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Do Millennials Like Houseplants? No, they LOVE them

Do Millennials Like Houseplants? No, they LOVE them

The Economist recently wrote about millennials accounting for the big rise in houseplant sales, so what’s that about?

This year the term ‘succulent’ was Googled ten times more than it was in 2010, alongside String-of-pearls, devil’s ivy, swiss cheese, and aloe vera – they’re all hitting keyboards in ever-increasing numbers.

Demand for greenery is high and last year even Amazon started selling houseplants (although they don’t manage it as brilliantly as we do).

So why are people born after 1980 into houseplants?
The Economist thinks it’s because millennials are faced with the mammoth cost of the modern Australian property market. Millennials are struggling to afford a house. We certainly know people who are saving for a house deposit, and even more who think they’ll never get there without a lottery win.

The real estate bubble is pretty miserable for millennials working hard to get their own place, but even if millennials could afford their own home, many don’t want to settle down quickly.

They don’t want the whole house, kids and doggo set-up in their twenties, they’d rather see the world first.

The Economist reckons houseplants are ‘filling the need to nurture’ they think houseplants ‘provide a more manageable form of domesticity’ - whatever that means!
But the Economist may be on to something. Furnishing a long-term rental with living houseplants is an affordable move, a temporary laying down of roots, and if millennials do feel the need to look after something, then plants are right up there on the simple scale.

Here at PIAB, we think there are some other reasons why millennials are digging on houseplants.

Living The Flat Life

Millennials are more likely to live in flats which means no garden. A lack of outdoor space means only one thing – fill your rooms with happy greenery.

Go Online Plant Shopping

Millennials are internet savvy, they’ve never been without it. Leafy, green plants can be dropped on the doorstep with no hassle and no travelling to an expensive garden centre.

They Don’t Need Much Care

Despite the alleged ‘need to nurture’, houseplants don’t need much care. They don’t require staking, weeding, mulching or spraying, and the weather doesn’t bother them.

Millennials want low maintenance greenery- and they can have it! Spaths, snake plants, and the Zanzibar gem all tolerate low light. Succulents need barely any care, and even beauties like Pilea can be managed with a sustee.

Plants Look Good

No-one wants the décor their parents had and plants have been out of fashion. Modern millennials want space, light, vertical and hanging gardens in Instagram worthy homes.

Get set to upload succulent photos to plantsofinstagram. There’re already 2.5 million posts, and plants nerds love it. Never mind #avocadotoast - that’s so last year. Sharing houseplant photos is the new millennial trend.  

Afterpay it! 

Yep, you heard right you can plant now and pay later with after pay plants online! Fancy that hey? This means you can have an instant indoor jungle or outdoor garden and pay it off as it grows. We just knew you'd love the sound of that one.

Healthy Plants

Health conscious millennials leading the flexitarian diet trend know that greenery equals good health and not just on their plate. Houseplants purify indoor air, It’s NASA proven.

There’s also the resurgence in biophilia to thank for the interest in houseplants. The world is increasingly technology-based, millennial minds are most often online and that disconnects them from the living world.

It’ll only get worse as cities expand, despite the fact most millennials can’t afford to buy a house there.

Houseplants help build a connection to the natural world. Millennials need a fiddle leaf fig, especially in the winter when they hardly go outside.

Boosting Mental Health

Spending time around plants is soothing – it’s a real antidote to stress.

Plants soothe anxiety, and for millennials spending all their lives on the internet looking at house prices, a few hours downtime with their foliage is the perfect pick-me-up. A swiss cheese plant won’t judge your life choices. 

Plants Bring All The Feels

Can’t afford a house yet? You’re not alone, so why not follow the trend and kickstart some domesticity with affordable houseplants. Grab a few succulents, a parlour palm, a Philodendron, and a Rhapis - you can go without watering them for weeks.

We’ve known it for years, but millennials discovering the joys of houseplants makes us happy. Make your home your own with healthy, low maintenance greenery that won’t break the bank.

If you’re saving for a house in the Australian property market nightmare and finding it a struggle, we’re feeling it with you. Many of us here are in the same boat – how about a best buddy echeveria in the meantime? It’ll make you feel better about life. 


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