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Easy Care Indoor Plants for 2021 - All The Plant Killers Please Line Up

Easy Care Indoor Plants for 2021 - All The Plant Killers Please Line Up

Do you want a modern jungle in your home but don't have a green thumb? Do you tend to kill plants stone dead? Plant killers and newbies sit up straight and pay attention!

Here’s our list of easy-care plants suitable for the newest of newbies. Our ‘starter plants’ are more tolerant of indoor conditions than others and make greening up your home a pleasure.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Ah, the Zanzibar Gem, known to his friends as the ZZ plant. He’s so low maintenance he’s practically no maintenance.

ZZ’s shiny green leaves point upright and they’re packed with fleshy moisture so he doesn’t need constant watering. ZZ handles darker conditions but does best in a bright spot. If he gets leggy, put him somewhere brighter.

Devil’s Ivy

Epipremnum Aureum is harder than hell to kill and looks heavenly draping down your bookcase.

We sell several sorts of Devil’s Ivy because we love it so much. Snow Queen and Pearls and Jade both have white marbled leaves but Pearls and Jade grows a little slower if you’ve less space.

Peace Lily

Spathiphyllums laugh in the face of air conditioning, low light, and dry potting mix.

These leafy green beauties are an eternity plant that’ll grace every room of your house without a peep of complaint. They helpfully just flop down when they need a drink and don’t mind low light conditions.

Spaths are one of Nasa’s top air-cleansing plants so we sell lots of varieties including petite and variegated versions.

Swiss Cheese Plant

You’ve seen these for sure.

Monstera Deliciosa is the classic thick-leaved houseplant with holes in his finger-like foliage.

These striking plants like bright, indirect light but they’ll cope with low light conditions too. These are real statement plants that can get large. Want a focal point? Stock up on low maintenance Swiss Cheese.

Snake Plant

Sansevieria trifasciata is sometimes called Mother-in-Law’s tongue. It’s an indestructible succulent with stiff, upright pointed leaves in mottled shades of green.

Snake plants love neglect as they can store water in their thick chunky leaves. They’re one of the most easy-care plants we’ve ever had the fortune to meet.

Fishbone Fern

Nephrolepis ferns are fluffy touchable plants that can withstand indoor conditions no problem.

They are great little plants that come in lots of varieties – check out the floofy fairy Fluffy Ruffles and Cotton Candy who’s so bright she’s almost yellow

Cute stuff and as hardy as they come. Spider Plant

Eternally popular and for good reason Chlorophytum Comosum’s thick arching leaves spill like a fountain from his pot.

Spider plants are practical non-toxic beauties that are well suited to beginners, kids, and those of you with two black thumbs.

Your granny had one of these – go retro with a spider plant.


Chinese evergreens are real stunners with glossy green upright leaves that are tightly packed like BOOM - little power packs of greenery and clean air.

Aglaonemas come in all colours including white, pink and striped but they need little care in exchange for maximum impact.

Prayer plants

Members of the Ctenanthe genus, prayer plants get their cool name from the habit of closing their leaves up at night like they’re praying.

You won’t need to pray though, because they are SO easy to look after. We stock a few varieties including Ctenanthe Pilosa with her crazy random foliage and all of them thrive on neglect.

Arrow Head Plants

Syngonium podophyllum is a groundcover in the tropics but it suits potted-up home life too.

Arrowheads have large heart-shaped leaves on thin stems and there are literally loads of cultivars for the collector.

We love the super hardy pink-tinged ‘Neon’ and her cousin Roxana– a modern clean white babe. 

How To Easily Maintain Your Home Jungle

Hardy houseplants need just a bit of love to flourish into tropical-style lush babes that clean the air and make you feel good.

Here’s how to look after them:

Good Positioning

The best spot is a windowsill that gets indirect sunlight, but our easy-care plants can cope with much less. That’s why we love them on an office desk, a coffee table, or a bedside drawer.


The biggest killer of indoor plants is overwatering. You’ll know it’s too wet when your plant turns to mush or goes yellow.

Our easy-care plants need a big drink only when the soil has dried out to a few centimetres. A little top up here and there just rots the roots.

Summertime heat or having the central heating on high means they’ll need more water, but let the soil guide you.

Try a sustee if you’re unsure – these beauts tell you when the roots are drying out. Self-watering pots are great too because they wick up water from a storage reservoir when the soil is dry. 

Clean ‘Em!

Wiping foliage over with a damp cloth (or a gentle going over with the shower head) not only makes them shine brighter than the sun it allows them to breathe and absorb light by unblocking their micro-pores.

If your plant is kept in a low light position this is even more important.


Urgh! Fungal gnats are a pain in the ….

Dry soil kills off fungal gnats as does rubbing alcohol. You can also try sprinkling gravel on the soil to stop them laying eggs there.


Your plant will eventually use up all the nutrients in its potting mix. You can give it boost with some plant fertilizer for extra lushness.

Humidity and Spraying

Tropical rainforest plants like humid conditions. If yours are resenting dust and air conditioning by getting brown tips and yellow edges give them a regular misting.

And Finally, Re-Potting

When your babe outgrows its pot all you need to do is get another pot an inch or so larger, some fresh well-drained potting mix, and move it across.

Don’t get a huge pot to save time in the future as your plant will go mad and put all its energy into roots instead of lush green foliage.

Black Thumb Be Gone!

Easy-care tough houseplants make being a plant guardian an absolute pleasure. Everyone can grow houseplants with just a little bit of love shop our easy-care pack online and we'll deliver straight to your couch!

Before you go check out our Plant Killer pack. It contains a selection of 2019’s top hardiest plants all chosen by us to suit the blackest of thumbs.

Welcome to the Jungle!

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