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Why Everyone’s A Sucker For Succulents

Why Everyone’s A Sucker For Succulents

Below we give you 5 reasons why succulents have been trending for so long.

  1. They are low maintenance. In saying this they still need water when the soil dries out… but the good thing is that they hold the water for longer than most plants. So you can go away on vacay and not come home to a graveyard full of dead plants.

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  1. They make adorable wedding/party favours! Succulents are the answer if you are looking for a unique, awesome, personal and meaningful favour to hand out at that special event. They also look amazing grouped in the centre of the table so you can get use out of them before they get taken to their new home.

Succulents | Wedding Favours | Plants Online | Free Shipping  | Plants in a Box

  1. They are beautiful and unique. There are so many different types of succulents in the world and they all have different textures, colours, forms, flowers and shapes. Collecting them is slightly addictive… they are like the adult version of Pokémon gotta catch ‘em all.

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  1. Their form is an architectural marvel which makes them so versatile. They look great as a solo star of the room or mixed with a bunch of different succulents. They glam up an office desk and can make a strikingly beautiful wedding bouquet.

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  1. Succulents are cute and compact. They don’t need much space to grow so if you are an apartment dweller they are perfect. They can survive in a teacup or an old baked bean can. Get crafty with your ideas and make a terrarium or a kokedama. Check out Pinterest for endless inspiration.

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So if reading this has made you get on board with the trend then shop the look now! We have gift lines and assorted packs available.  

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