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Fall in love with these Autumn Favourites

Fall in love with these Autumn Favourites

Welcome to Autumn! The air is a little crisper but the sun is still shining bright, which means Autumn gardening is all about planting!

It’s ideal time to plant while weather’s slightly cooler, but the soil is still warm enough for plants to establish before winter, especially in the balmy northern states of Australia.

Our favourite plants this Autumn


Callistemon plants in nursery tube stock pots

An Australian garden staple, Callistemons are commonly referred to as bottlebrushes because of their cylindrical, brush-like flowers which resemble a traditional bottle brush.

These large flowering shrubs come in a variety of colours and along with their green weeping habit, they'll ensure to be a looker all year long! The flowers of the Callistemon are super attractive for birds and bees and that’s a great bonus for the overall wellbeing of your garden.

Our top picks
1. Callistemon viminalis Slim
2. Callistemon viminalis Wilderness White
3. Go for a mixure with our Assorted Callistemon Pack


Syzygium plants

The fast-growing shrub with instant results! As you can see these guys are loved for their attractive glossy foliage, and a few produce edible fruits that are eaten fresh or used in yummy jams (they're a favourite for native birds too). 

Often referred to as Lilly pillies, they like good fertile moist soil but will still thrive in drought, full sun or semi-shade and will tolerate frosts, sandy soils and coastal conditions. 

Why we love them?
These guys might seem unassuming but if you're looking for a hedge with a little bit of kick you've come to the right place! Syzygium fruits and white fluffy flowers decorate the lush foliage in Summer and Autumn, making this hedge come alive.


Close up view of the attractive pink and white flowers of a Leptospermum plant

Australian Tea Tree plants are some of our favourite native plants. More than just offering beauty, there can be very practical reasons to choose tea tree varieties for your garden. A great example of that is Leptospermum liversidgei Mozzie Blocker which has a heavily scented foliage similar to citronella that naturally repels mosquitos. 

Our top picks
This Autumn we're loving the deeper more unique colours so Leptospermum rubrum nana and Leptospermum scoparium Burgundy Queen have caught our eye with their stunning red and purple foliage!

Phebalium Woombye Pink

Close up view of the foliage and delicate pink flowers of a Phebalium Woombye Pink plant

She grows naturally in the coastal foothills from northern NSW to Queensland. However, she is adaptable and will grow well as far south as Melbourne too! Yes she can handle moderate frost.

She's ultra special too - with star-shaped pink flowers and deep green foliage that'll give you perfume spritz when brushed against or rubbed.

Murraya paniculata - Mock Orange

The glossy green foliage of a Murraya Paniculata plant

Murraya paniculata is one of the most popular hedging plants growing around. You'll know him from his trademark heavily scented white flowers and lush dense evergreen foliage.

But what we really love about him is his versatility! Pop him in a pot, fancy him up into a topiary or plant in bulk for that perfect hedge.

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