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Festive Foliage Gifts For Your Mates

Festive Foliage Gifts For Your Mates

It’s nearly Christmas time again and whether you’re hopping on one foot with delight or groaning at the thought of all that shopping we can help you out.

Want to find the gift that keeps on giving? Plants.
Wondering what to get the gal or guy who has everything? Plants.

Totally stuck for an original idea? Plants.

We think foliage is the BEST gift you can drop on your mates.

Nothing says ‘I’d be happily trapped in a nuclear bunker with you’ more than greenery and here’s why:

  • Everyone Loves Plants

Plants are one of those universal gifts you can give with pride knowing it’ll be well received. Why? Because everyone likes plants. They’re inoffensive and you can’t choose the wrong colour.

Give your mates something they actually love so they won’t have to pretend they like it.

  • It’s Original

It’s still quite unusual to send plants as gifts so you’re unlikely to buy the same scented candle/socks/bottle of fizz as everyone else.

  • They’re Good Looking

Plants green up a home with little effort and make the room look cosy whether your mate is a modern minimalist or digs traditional country chintz.

Plants are oh-so-versatile. Put one on the coffee table, fireplace, windowsill, or bookcase and they never, ever clash or look out of place. You can guarantee your gift will be on show when you visit and it’ll just get better as it matures.

  • They’re Great For Health

It’s not just us plant nerds banging on about the health benefits of plants because NASA scientists agree. They say plants purify the air, and you can’t get a better recommendation than that.

Plants also live in the soil which contains healthy microbes that have a calming effect on anxious folk. When you gift plants you’re giving the gift of good health.

  • They’re Easy to Care For

Houseplants are simple to look after. You pop them in free-draining potting mix and water when they’re dry on top. It couldn’t be easier.

Some of our plants positively thrive on neglect. Succulents, for example, can go for long stretches without a drink, and a Spath will drop to the floor when it needs a drink to cut out the guesswork.

Give your plant killing mate the opportunity to grow something and boost their self-confidence.

  • The Ultimate In Eco-Friendly

Living plants are the definition of sustainable shopping.

Cut flowers look good for a week at most, but they soon die off. Our houseplants live for as long as they are cared for and then some. Our whole ethos is sustainable too, including our fully recyclable packaging and working towards bio-degradable packaging.

  • Postage No Problem

So your mates live miles away?

That’s no problem because our plants are tube-grown nursery stock that’s easy to transport. We can send foliage through the post without damage, and you can keep well away from the packed-out post office.

  • Keep Your Cash

We sell baby plants and some big babes that are a little more mature. These are better valued than the fully-grown versions so you’ll save yourself some cash and still send everyone a plant gift for Christmas without breaking the bank.

If you buy one of our multi-packs and spilt it, that’s all of your friends sorted in one swoop – talk about easy shopping. 

Which Plant Should I Choose?

Oooh! We’re pleased you asked.

We have over 400 plants in the nursery, but here are some of the best ones you can gift this Christmas.

  • Big leafy jungle plants like Ficus Elastica, Parlor Palms, and Spathiphyllum
  • Tiny sweet succulents like Gasteria, Aloes, and Echeveria
  • Colourful plants like Aglaonema, Calathea, or Philodendrons
  • Posh Plants like Pilea
  • Pet-friendly plants like Hoya, Cissus and Nephrolepsis

How to choose the right plant as a present?

      Take into consideration the space your mate is working with and get them the best plant this Christmas!

    If you’re stuck drop us a line and tell us a bit about your friend. Our plant nerds will come up with some suggestions for you.

    Please excuse our excitement though, we love it when people ask for advice. It makes us feel wanted and spreading plant love is the best feeling ever. 

    Gifting Festive Foliage

    Spread some Christmas-time love this year with living foliage at its finest.

    We’ll even gift wrap your plants if you like. To do this you need to select the gift wrap option in your shopping cart. And if you want a personal note that’s no problem. Just drop us a line in the notes section.

    Give your mates a big dollop of plant love this year that’ll adorn their home, improve their health, and let ‘em know how much you appreciate their all-round loveliness. 

    Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Merry Christmas!


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