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Find you soil-mate this Valentine’s Day

Find you soil-mate this Valentine’s Day

Forget about soulmates! This Valentine’s Day it’s all about finding your soil-mate – that special leafy someone that will fill the plant shaped hole in your heart.

To celebrate the season of love, the team at Plants in a Box have put together a guide to help you find your perfect plant counterpart based on your own unique personality..

What’s your true personality? Discover your personality type in four simple steps 

Did you know that according to popular personality theory, each one of us can be classified into one of 16 personality types? Depending on which of the two sides you lean towards in four personality categories, you can find the personality type that best fits you your unique strengths and preferences. It might sound complicated, but it’s super easy!

All you need to do choose an option from each of the four personality categories below and assign yourself the corresponding letter:

Introversion (I) or Extraversion (E)

Intuition (N) or Observing (S)

Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)

Judging (J) or Prospecting (P)

Altogether you will get a combination of four-letters (e.g. INFP or ESTJ) which reveal your true personality (pretty neat huh!). So, let’s get started!

Question 1. Are you introverted or extraverted?

Introverts are reserved people who like to pace themselves. Thoughtful and reflective, Introverts need focused alone time to gather their energy and restore their calm. Extroverts are outgoing people who love engaging with their environment. Energetic and driven, Extroverts live to interact with people and the activities around them.

If you think you’re more introverted, assign yourself an ‘I’. If you fancy yourself an extrovert, assign yourself an ‘E’.

Question 2. Are you intuitive or observant?

Intuitive people enjoy imagining the past and future potential of what they see. They’re all about the theoretical, using their imagination to ask, ‘what if?’. Observant people are interested in observable facts and straightforward outcomes. They’re all about evidence and are focused on the present and what occurs right in front of them.

If you see yourself as intuitive, assign yourself an ‘N’. If you’re more observant, assign yourself an ‘S’.

Question 3. Are you a thinker or a feeler?

Thinkers are guided by the mind, using logic and reason to make decisions. They like having all the facts and testing alternative options to find the more effective or realistic outcome.

Feelers follow their hearts, using emotions to guide their decisions – sometimes without realising. Caring and compassionate, their concern for others affects all their actions.

If you’re more of a thinker, assign yourself an ‘T’. If you’re all about the feelings, assign yourself an ‘F’.

Question 4. Do you judge or perceive?

Judging types like certainty and planning – clarity and closure. These people have lots of back up plans and keep mental checklists to keep all their ducks in in a row. Perceiving types like flexibility and spontaneity, reacting to their environment rather than controlling it. They find excitement and motivation among chaos.

If you’re a judging type, assign yourself an ‘J’. If you’re a perceiving type, assign yourself an ‘P’.

Use your personality to find your one true soil-mate!

Now you’ve got your four letters, you can use it to find your personality type and your perfect plant match below!

INTJ – The Architect, AKA ‘The Big Thinker’ + Alocasia

You Architects are rational, informed, independent, determined and curious, which means you always have a plan! That’s what makes the paradoxical Alocasia your perfect match!  These plants like drier soil, but require high humidity to prosper. They love light, but not full sun or they’ll burn. Use your strategic minds perfect your plant care and the Alocasia will reward you with stunning foliage.

INTP – The Logician, AKA ‘The Innovative Inventor’ + Aglaonema 

Analytical, original, open-minded, inquisitive and objective, you Logicians are innovative inventors with a thirst for knowledge. Your methodical minds are a perfect match for Aglaonema plant varieties. With your unique talent of mixing experimentation with creativity, you’ll love collecting different Aglaonemas variegations and testing out different lighting conditions to create the most striking foliage.

ENTJ – The Commander, AKA ‘The Fearless Leader’ + Philodendron

Commanders are efficient, energetic, self-confident, strategic and inspiring, making you natural born leaders and perfectly matched to Philodendrons. Just as you Commanders are all about finding new solutions, the equally efficient Philodendron will find ways to survive both indoors and out. Just like you, Philodendrons are committed to enacting meaningful change, purifying the air as they grow.

ENTP – The Debater, AKA ‘The Smooth Talker’ + Calathea

You debaters are knowledgeable, original, quick-thinking, charismatic and energetic people who don’t let anything stand in their way .Your bold nature pairs perfectly with the equally striking Calathea. While it’s true that Calatheas, can be fussy about their growing conditions, they are no match for you Debaters who never back down from a challenge. A well-grown Calathea is so worth the effort!

INFJ – The Advocate, AKA ‘The Supportive Friend’ + Peperomia

Creative, insightful, principled, passionate and selfless, you Advocates have a talent for helping others. Creative and dedicated, your nurturing attitude is best reflected by the evergreen Peperomia. Just as you prefer to stay out of the spotlight, your soil-mate, the Peperomia grows best in indirect light. Just like you, the Peperomia is both unassuming and enduring, inspiring those around them, while making a lasting impact.

INFP – The Mediator, AKA ‘The Big Dreamer’ +
String of Pearls

Empathetic, generous, passionate, creative and idealistic, you Mediators are imaginative idealists who see a better future. Idealistic and somewhat poetic in your thinking, your personality matches perfectly with the whimsical String of Pearls plant. While you may seem delicate, you draw power from your vibrant inner lives, just as the String of Pearls plant stores water and finds strength from within.

ENFJ – The Protagonist, AKA ‘The Everyday Hero’ + Aloe

You daring people are receptive, reliable, passionate, altruistic, and charismatic, making you inspiring leaders and everyday heroes. In the plant world you’ll find their match with the equally noble Aloe plant. It’s sharp, pointed leaves represent your strong-minded and strong-willed nature. Tough and enduring, both Aloes and Protagonists have a mesmerising appeal which attracts and inspires others.

ENFP – The Campaigner, 'The Avid Activist’ + Hoya

Curious, perceptive, enthusiastic, sociable and good-natured, you Campaigners will find your plant match in the equally enduring Hoya (Waxflower). These evergreen climbers reflect your evergreen enthusiasm, and just like you, are known to improve their environment and spread good vibes. Waxflowers are eager plants that love to bloom big, in the same way you like to inspire with a smile.

ISTJ – The Logistician, ‘The Hard Worker’ + Syngonium

You Logisticians are honest, dedicated, responsible, calm, and practical people driven by careful consideration and methodical action. Reserved, yet determined your soil-mate is the hardworking Syngonium. These plants, like you, have evergreen energy and will grow virtually anywhere. Adaptable and reliable, you like the Syngonium, are constant in a world of chaos.

ISFJ – The Defender, AKA ‘The Big Softie’ + Hemionitis arifolia 

Supportive, reliable, patient, practical and hard-working, you Defenders are big ol’ softies! Your ability to offer compassion and protection to others makes you talented caretakers and the perfect plant parents for the Hemionitis arifolia (Heart Fern) – which demands quite a bit of extra love. This fern’s heart shaped leaves reflect your compassion and kindness. Under your care, this fern will thrive!

ESTJ – The Executive, AKA ‘The Perpetual Planner’ + Sansevieria

You Executives are dedicated, strong-willed, honest, loyal and organised types that were born to manage! Upholders of schedules and order (and great at organising people and projects), your plant match is the equally structured and stable Sansevieria. Just as you can offer stability and direction amid adversity, the hardy Sansevieria will continue to grow tall in any environment.

ESFJ – The Consul, AKA ‘The Social Butterfly’ + Spathiphyllum

Dutiful, loyal, warm, sensitive and sociable, you Consuls are amazingly caring and super popular, making you perfectly matched with the equally admired Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily). 

Much like you Consuls, the peace lily tends to steal the spotlight and blooms in the right setting. Just as you like to ensure harmony and stability in social settings, the peace lily has long been considered a symbol of harmony in the home.

ISTP – The Virtuoso, AKA ‘The Skilled Survivor’ + ZZ Plant

Hands-on creators and skilled survivors, you Virtuosos love examining the world around you. Optimistic, energetic, practical, spontaneous and rational, you people know how to prioritise and are great in a crisis, making your perfect match the enduring ZZ plant. Just like you, ZZ plants are bold, resilient, and super tough. In the same way you can always find a practical solution, ZZ plants find a way of surviving even the toughest environments.

ISFP – The Adventurer, AKA ‘The Free Spirit’ + Pothos

Charming, sensitive, imaginative, passionate and artistic, you spontaneous Adventurers live in the moment, enthusiastically embracing life, new people and new experiences. Your personality pairs wonderfully with the equally free-spirited Pothos. Just like you, this viney climber is suited to many environments and is all about going with the flow.

ESTP – The Entrepreneur, AKA ‘The Human Dynamo’ + Monstera

Bold, rational, original, direct and sociable, you people are all about thrills and opportunity. You entrepreneurial types are the perfect match for the equally big and bold Monstera. With its large irregular shaped leaves and fast growing nature, the Monstera also knows how to command attention. You energetic and action-orientated Entrepreneur love defying obstacles, just like Monsteras whose roots are always reaching out and spreading.

ESFP – The Entertainer, AKA ‘The Party Animal’ + Anthurium

Life’s never boring when you’re around! Spontaneous and fun-loving, you Entertainers are full of energy, and charm. Original, outgoing, observant, theatrical and personable, you party animals are perfectly matched to the vibrant Anthurium. Just like you, Anthuriums know how to work a room and dazzle with their enduring, bright flowers.

Ready to meet your soil-mate?

Whether you’re looking to find a soil-mate for yourself, or that someone special, this guide will help you find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift! Want more variety? Check out our full DIY plant and pot range! Each bundle comes all the goodies you need to pot your plant, including a self-watering pot, plant, fancy soil and coir topping. I mean – what’s not to love?

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