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Five Houseplants We are Diggin’

Five Houseplants We are Diggin’

Unlike the planking craze and bandana top trend, Indoor houseplants are still alive and kicking! Not only do these plants make a space look great they also help us breathe easier, remove toxins in the air, help us focus and make us feel happier #plantsmakepeoplehappy and less stressed! 

There are so many amazing plants to choose from it’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing the right plant for your space. So to help you out we have listed our top five plants that we are diggin’ right now with a little love guide so you’ll be sure to choose the right one.


1. Ficus Lyrata AKA Fiddle Leaf Fig
Ohhh the Fiddle Leaf Fig.. not many people can resist your large glossy leaves and sculptural form. This plant is definitely the cool kid in town right now but it isn’t the easiest of plants to keep alive so be gentle and patient with it.

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Light: They dig bright, indirect sunlight. So near a window is great but be
careful of direct sunlight as this will burn their big glossy leaves. 

Water: This baby is from the tropics but don’t go serving it pina colada's instead, we recommend watering it once a week and allowing the soil to dry
out between waterings.

2. Alocasia lowii ‘Polly Amazonica’ AKA African Mask
If you are looking for an unusual plant to grace your collection the Alocasia
lowii ‘Polly Amazonica’ is the plant for you. With clean lines and large, glossy
heart-shaped leaves this is a perfect standalone specimen.

Light: This babe loves very bright, indirect light and a hot, humid place so it is
perfect for the bathroom.

Water: Make sure the soil is always moist but not soaked! We also
recommend a little misting on the leaves during the winter months.


3. Calathea Beauty Star
The Calathea Beauty Star is perfect if you want to add some colour and
interest into your collection. The gorgeous dark green leaf has splashes of
light green and pink veins which contrast beautifully with the dark purple
underside. Even better, this little beauty is easy to care for and will trick your
friends into thinking you have developed a green thumb.

Light: In the kitchen is a perfect place for this Calathea. Place it in a well lit
position away from direct sunlight.

Water: The Beauty Star likes regular small amounts of water but be careful
not to give too much.


4. Echeveria Morning Beauty
The Echeveria might be one of the most popular succulents on the market
because it is so easy to grow. With its gorgeous blue-green leaves forming
rosettes that turn to red when touched by the sun it is perfect for mass
planting in a cute pot plant.

Light: Loves the full light! Perfect for a sunny window sill.

Water: Like most succulents, this plant is pretty drought hardy so give her a drink every so often when the soil is dry.


5. Pilea Peperomioides AKA Chinese Money Plant
This pancaked leaf plant is the coolest plant right now. It is pretty rare and
very sought after all over the world. We are busy growing these little darlings
and will let you know when they are ready to pack their bags and move into
your home.

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Light: This plant loves lots of light but not direct sunlight. It will grow towards
the light so rotate the plant at least once a week to avoid an unbalanced Pilea.

Water: The Pilea likes a drink – twice a week in the summer and once a week
in the winter. If the leaves look droopy it needs a drink.
These plants are guaranteed to add colour and life to your home so go on...
treat yourself.. they are good for your health and there is no such thing as too
many. #plantaddict

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Please remember do not over water and do not underwater

Signs of underwatering include limp, floppy leaves. If you’ve gone way too long without watering, foliage will start to yellow, brown, and then drop.

Signs of overwatering will have similar effects such as the following;

Lower leaves are yellow, the plant will look wilted. Their roots will be rotting or stunted and no new growth. Young leaves will turn brown. The soil will appear green (which is algae).

We encourage in order to water properly, wait until the top inch of soil is dry. Then, thoroughly drench until water comes out the bottom of the pot, and leave it to slowly dry out again.

And if you're still stuck drop us a line debbie@plantsinabox.com.au she's our plant expert.

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