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Green Walls

Green Walls

The latest gardening trend is Green Walls!

Nature has provided them since the time that rock faces stayed constantly wet.

Provide favourable conditions and you can't stop plants from occupying every niche on the planet. 

So now in our highly urbanised environment we seek to bring nature back after displacing it for so long and we do this by creating green roofs and green walls.


Seen in the best building frontages and foyers, these green walls present a lush and fresh facade, provide cooling, air filtration and visual appeal.

Green walls are able to be installed due to innovative construction techniques previously not available or considered. These include lightweight, thin, felt like strata that allows roots to continually be supplied with moisture and nutrients.

An integral part of modern green wall systems is the moisture reticulation, fertiliser injection and fail safe alarm components necessary for plant survival. Failure to supply is disastrous!

Patric Blanc is regarded as the innovator responsible for modern green walls but green wall systems were patented way back in 1948. Google Patrick Blanc for images of inspirational designs.


Green walls come in a wide range of designs from geometric to free form using many species of plant species; the guiding principle is use of ground cover and plants which cascade. Trees and shrubs not recommended! There are several DIY green wall assemblies and if you are trying your hand at installing one make sure that you use plant species that are low growing (up to a max of 500mm height) and hardy. For instant effect you will use plants in 140mm containers at say 300mm spacing where the proprietary system is troughs on a bracket and we suggest using smaller tubestock (like Liriope evergreen giant) closer apart (150-200mm) when the system is felt pocket type.