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Here’s How Plants Are Anxiety Beating Green Therapists

Here’s How Plants Are Anxiety Beating Green Therapists

Many of us battle with anxiety and the current Covid-19 events are certainly not helping. So what can we do to keep our minds healthy and cope in anxious times?

Let’s try making some green friends – they don’t spread illnesses, they are 100% non-judgemental, and they need zero effort entertainment. 

This new study from Japan says that just one small plant placed in easy view can help you feel better, and that pulse rates lowered in participants who cared for a small plant over three minutes. 

Results did not differ with age or with different plant species – no matter your age or plant preferences, greenery can help soothe that horrible anxiety. This study just confirms what we plant nerds already knew – that plants are great friends.

Not convinced? Check out this medical practice in Britain that prescribes houseplants for anxiety, depression, and loneliness. The patients love it. 

And now for our own experience - we have a lovely story to tell you
A team member’s father has recently been diagnosed with cancer. His treatment is underway but it’s tough, making him feel ill, worried, and unable to sleep. Feeling useless, she gave him some greenery. 

The greenery was a spathyphyllum no less, a leafy green goddess with healthy air purifying properties, and here’s the deal. It’s made a real difference to his mental health.

Nurse Spath distracts him from worry and as a ‘bloke’ who doesn’t much like talking about his feelings, he says Spath doesn’t feel sorry for him or repeat what it’s heard. This is priceless therapy for him. 

An introduction to the world of plants has left him wanting more, so we’re lining up a few succulents. Succulents have different growing requirements to spathyphullum (they need warm sunshine, whereas a spath needs cover from sunshine) so these different styles will offer him more distraction and good green interaction.

Good Plants for Anxiety
If you’re thinking ‘I want some of that. I want gossip-free supportive friends too’ here are some top choices:

Pothos are tough plants with pretty oval leaves. They drape from shelves or hanging pots like a dream and feel silky smooth.

Calathea moves with the light opening and closing her leaves as the day progresses. It’s a super little plant you can watch for hours on end. Chose the Rosy cultivar for a pop of pretty pink.

Haworthia’s succulent upright spikes and textured leaves are a real step change from leafy foliage and great as part of a houseplant collection. Perfect for blokes and kids too. 

Pilea peperomioides rounded delicate foliage is something to stare at for hours. She’s a quick grower and needs turning every few days. 

Monstera deliciosa is a large indoor specimen plant with living-room wow factor that copes with lower light levels. He won’t mind if you close the curtains for some uninterrupted quiet time. 

Epipremnum Aureum is a green golden beauty guaranteed to lift your spirits with stunning colour and a delicious trailing habit. 

Ferns. Who doesn’t love a fluffy fern with toothed leaves and a big shaggy crown? They are the happiest houseplants just asking for a friendly ruffle as you walk by. Not sure? Go full-on anti-anxiety with a pack of beginner houseplants curated just for you. It’s a box full of new friends with nothing to do but listen and look beautiful. 

Houseplant Killer Anxiety
We don’t want to add to any anxiety so if you’re generally not good at keeping houseplants alive add a sustee or self-watering pot to your shopping basket. You can still offload your worries without concern over a watering schedule

A sustee turns white when your friend needs water and self-watering pots wick up liquid from the well when it’s needed. Self-watering pots are available from us in different colours to match your scheme.

Here’s how to lower anxiety interacting with your plant

  • Admire the foliage and the serenity it exudes into your personal space
  • Touch it, smell it
  • Check if it needs water
  • Turn the pot to equally distribute light on its leaves 
  • Wipe leaves down to remove dust
  • Move the pot around different rooms 
  • Rearrange containers
  • Look for new plants online

None of these activities requires you to leave the house, speak or even get dressed. 

Next time you feel down spend some time with your houseplant for a soothing, no stress anxiety dampening chat.

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