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Hey You – You Need A Watering Device!

Hey You – You Need A Watering Device!

Heads up busy plant-loving people of Australia – we need to tell you about watering devices.

Watering devices like the Sustee are such great little helpers. They speak plant language and tell you when it’s time to water your leafy green indoor babes. If you struggle to keep houseplants alive because you either dehydrate or drown them then you need one.

Stick around, we’ll convince you why with ten top reasons.

1. You overwater

Along with a LOT of houseplant owners you might give your plants too much water. Researchers tell us around 80% of houseplant deaths are due to overwatering.

We’ll bet our crispy salad lunch baguette that your overwatering is achieved with the ‘dribble’ effect. The dribble effect is giving your plants a cup of water every few days – sound familiar?

No, stop! This is a drawn-out way to kill your plant because it needs a deep drink when the soil is drying out at root level, not a regular shallow splash.

But it ain’t easy to see those roots!

A watering device nestles in the root system and changes colour when the moisture is gone.

That’s it.

2. You underwater

Busy people don’t have time to think about their houseplants every day. Whether you’re a millennial working all hours to save up a house deposit, a parent shouting at the kids to brush their teeth before the school run, or someone that travels a lot, your green friends often get forgotten.

A watering device will peek cheerfully from the plant pot and remind you to water with a colour change. ‘Hey – we’re thirsty over here’.

3. It’s easy

We don’t like difficult because life is hard enough already, Watering devices are so simple to use even your holiday plant sitter can read them without a problem.

White = water me.

Blue = don’t water me.

4. Houseplants are healthy

Oxygenating, air purifying plants boost your health. NASA says so and there’s plenty of research out there showing that just one plant in a room can clean the air by 25%. They mop up carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds from paint and carpets.   

Here are the best plants for air purifying goodness.  English ivy, boston fern, spider plant, devil’s ivy, areca palm, philodendron, spathiphyllum, bamboo palm, snake plant, dracaena, and rubber plants.

And guess what? You can team a watering device with them all. In fact, the plants want you to. 

5. They boost wellbeing

Biophilic design is a thing. It means we feel better when plants are near.

It’s not just their air purifying effects but because plants have formed our evolution. We are part of the natural world and we’re supposed to spend time with plants. Sadly, we often live in the concrete jungle, work in a dark office block, and spend winter nights in front of the TV instead.

Houseplants can bring the great outdoors inside and a watering device will keep ‘em happy there.

6. Watering devices save money

Despite splashing out on a watering device you’ll spend less on water and less buying replacement house plants.

You’re not daft and we’re crap at maths, but it's pretty obvious that a watering device costs less than replacing your houseplants every few months.

Plus, you can get attached to certain plants and want to keep them alive. We talk to Stella the Spath every day. She KNOWS things. 

7. Sustees are award-winning

Our favourite watering device is a sustee. They’re available in different sizes to fit all plant pots in understated white or mid-green shades.

Just push one into the root system and spot the colour change – it tells you whether to water or hold off.

Sustees were designed in Japan and they’ve won these design awards:

2014 - Reddot Design Award - Germany
2014 - Design for Asia Award - Hongkong
2015 - Good Design Award - Japan
JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol. 16 – Japan

Get yourself on the winning side.

8. No more dirty fingers

You can check soil dryness to a few centimetres with your finger, but you’ll drop soil on the window sill and carpet, and then you’ve got to use the nail brush. That seems like a little thing to do in the grand scheme, but it’s a pain when you’re busy.

Washing hands, ruining nails, having to clean. Ain’t no-one got time for that. 

9. You’re scared of plants

Not in the triffid sense, but plant killers out there with zero confidence can step up and grow healthy, beautiful plants with a little scientific help.

In fact, your plants are demanding a life-saving sustee and if you don’t oblige, they might start a revolution.

10. Get more green

Knowing exactly when to water means you have the freedom to get more plants without expensive mistakes! Woo! Start moving your furniture out, the indoor jungle is just a few clicks away.

Let’s be serious for a moment before we sign off. Buying indoor greenery is an investment and you want to keep it alive. A watering device can really help, especially if you’re nervous or an all-out plant killer.

It’s everything you need to go from plant killer to plant winner overnight.

You can find the plant-saving Sustee here!

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