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Hoselink to the rescue: Say goodbye to your watering woes!

Hoselink to the rescue: Say goodbye to your watering woes!

Kinks, trips and killer tangles. An Australian horror story

If you’re an avid gardener, you’ll understand the love-hate relationship of watering the garden. While showering your plant babies can be a relaxing and peaceful experience, if you’ve got a cheap hose or dodgy hose connector, things can be…pretty difficult.

Recently we helped Gold Coast gardener, Grace, swap out her old hose ‘poppy’ for a new Hoselink hose reel. Here’s her story:

Dear Plants in a Box,


Kinks, trips and killer tangles! It’s the story of my life and there’s only one thing to blame…Poppy, my hose. Now I know what you’re thinking. ‘Poppy’ sounds like the name of wonderfully reliable hose that I have lovingly named, but nothing could be further from the truth! My hose was un-affectionately named Poppy because of her incredibly frustrating tendency to ‘pop’ off the tap and spray water everywhere. You’d think I’d have learnt after 3 years, but no! Poppy won’t cooperate. I have bought her countless fixtures, hose connectors and garden accessories, but nothing works!


To make matters worse, the hose trolley I use to store Poppy is super heavy and falls over all the time. It never reels up properly so I’m constantly tripping over coils of hose!


Do you lovely people have any suggestions or solutions? 


Thanks a million,



Introducing Hoselink hose reels and garden accessories


Hi Grace,


We feel you! We too have suffered the wrath of unruly hoses. Luckily we now stock Hoselink hose reels and garden accessories to help with this very problem! First things first! A hose reel. If you have a big backyard then we would recommend a Hoselink retractable Hose Reel system. They come in four sizes, 15m, 20m, 25m and 30m, as well as a Hi-Flow 25m variety that is perfect for houses with low water pressure!


If you have a small backyard, patio or balcony garden, then we’d recommend the Hoselink 10m Compact Portable Hose Reel. This hose reel is a great option if you live in a rental and can’t drill into the wall! Better yet she’s super lightweight, so she can be transported with ease. It makes it super easy to water your plants, wash your pets or rinse off the car.


Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with!


Love from the Plants in a Box team xxx


New Hoselink. New me!

Dear Plants in a Box,


Thanks so much for the advice! I’m pleased to say that ‘Poppy’, my old hose is officially retired! I bought the Compact Portable Hose Reel and I am so happy with it. No kinks, no tripping over, no drama! I just connect at the tap, pick her up and unreel as I walk around the garden. Then with a few easy tugs, the hose is reeled up and I can stow the whole thing in an outdoor cupboard. Completely out of sight! The no-burst fittings are amazing too. No leaks or pressure pops at all! 


While I was buying my new hose, I saw that you stock some amazing looking Hoselink solar lights as well. I’m going to buy some solar powered string lights to hang around my patio and get my place ready for summer! It’s official…I love Hoselink (and of course Plants in a Box)! 


Thanks again guys!




Got your own watering woes? Check out our new Hoselink range

At Plants in a Box, we stock a variety of Hoselink products to help keep your garden happy, healthy and hydrated. So if you’re looking for stress-free watering solutions, you can browse our Hoselink hose reels and garden accessories here.

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