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You look happier, you do...

You look happier, you do...

Looking for an excuse to get outside? Look no further than your yard, whether it be the back, the front, your teeny tiny balcony or the windowsill on your 13th-floor apartment, its a start!

Gardens aren’t just for Nan and Pa anymore: even if you don’t have an outdoor space to tend, bringing some Indoor green into your home to match Pantone’s colour of the year is all the rage.

Whether you're searching for a hobby, need some time out or just trying to add a dash of nature to your life, gardening has never been easier and more fun. Plant nerds are on the rise and you don’t need a full-on farm to find your green thumb: with a little sunshine, the right plants, and some love and attention, anyone can grow a plant. With ease. It’s becoming one of the trendiest activities among millennials worldwide, with 37% of millennials reporting growing plants in their home.

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So what are you missing out on?

Here are our top reasons why growing a garden isn’t just for old folks anymore!

Get Some Vitamin D!
Spending even a few minutes a day outside caring for your plants can help you make sure you get to get your necessary dose of Vitamin D - the happiness vitamin! Research has shown that getting enough Vitamin D is necessary to help combat depression as well as a range of other health issues, including heart disease, the flu, exhaustion, and osteoporosis. If you work in an office all day, just spending 10 - 15 minutes outside - even on a cloudy day - can get you your daily dose of D and boost your mood!

Do Good for the Community
Don’t have enough space to create a garden in your backyard? Participate in a community garden! The community garden movement is catching on like fire in neighbourhoods across Australia. The concept? People come together on one plot of land to plant vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more. You can manage your own piece of the plot or help others tend to their plants - it varies by the garden - but the end result is a beautiful green space that the neighbourhood can enjoy.
If you don’t have a community garden near you, going green still makes the world a little cheerier! Whether it’s planting a small plot of flowers in your yard or brightening your windows with a potted plant, you’re bringing more life to the world.

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Gardening Has Become Fail-Proof
If you grew up thinking you didn’t have a green thumb, think again. It’s no longer necessary to slave away in the garden the way our parents and grandparents may have; you can find tonnes of tips, tricks, and detailed instructions to make sure your babies grow with success! We give you all the care tips, equipment, and gardening tools you need to nurture your plants from box to bloom.

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Bring a Hobby to the Office
Need something to talk about with coworkers? Feeling like you need something you enjoy besides going for brunch and work? Gardening is a great hobby - it takes little time, little-specialised talent, and produces great results. Gift Plants to your friends and family, bring a plant to the office to brighten up that drab workspace, and make new friends in fellow gardeners and nature-appreciators!  

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Take a Moment to DisconnectOne thing our grandparents had right: slowing down to appreciate life! While they didn’t contend with smartphones, the internet, constant work emails, and Snapchat, they were on to something in setting aside time each week to tend to their plants. Gardening can be quite meditative: you connect with the earth, focus on one thing, look away from the many screens demanding our attention, and experience the joy of seeing something grow. Just a little fresh air and time away from the world can do wonders for your energy and mindset each week!



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