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Introducing homegrown microgreens! Together Micropod and Plants in a Box are growing a better world!

Introducing homegrown microgreens! Together Micropod and Plants in a Box are growing a better world!

Excitement is in the air here at Plants in a Box HQ, as we launch our brand new partnership with Micropod!

We have always been keen to add herbs and veggies to our store and we have finally found a likeminded plant-ner to team up with. Producers of hydroponic microgreen grow kits, Micropod puts a new, convenient, spin on indoor gardening.

This amazing local company shares our passion for sustainability and bringing gardening to every home. Want to know more? Of course you do!

Micro but mighty! Discover the world of microgreens

Put simply, microgreens are the seedlings of leafy greens, vegetables, and herbs. While you’d think fully grown plants would have more nutrients, that’s not actually true. These mighty little microgreens can have up to 40 times more nutrients than their mature counterpart!. Just a small helping of these tiny superfoods can provide you and your fam with loads of essential vitamins and nutrients.

Micropod offers a huge selection of seeds, including: chia, rocket, red kale, mizuna, broccoli, pak choy and mustard greens. With a range of vivid colours, intense flavours and tantalising textures, microgreens can enhance any dish.

Empowering anyone, anywhere to grow

Just like us here at Plants in a Box – the team at Micropod echo our ethos: it feels good to grow! Established in 2016 in Auckland, this amazing company expanded to Australia in 2020 and is now sourcing local seeds and producing seedmats right here in Sydney!

After discovering the wonderful world of microgreens, founder Jeff tried his hand at growing the greens at home using traditional soil based methods. He found the process high maintenance and messy and decided that there must be a simpler way! 

Inspired by indoor farming and hydroponics Jeff (along with his mates – Brian, Ollie and Jonathan) developed a hydroponic at-home gardening system that can grow microgreens right from your kitchen bench or windowsill! With Micropod everyone can enjoy the benefits of home-grown greens, even if they aren’t blessed with lots of space, time or gardening know-how. 

Out of the box thinking. In the box growing! 

Perfect for apartment living and smaller urban spaces, Micropod grow kits are small, stylish and made to fit seamlessly into your home. Each Micropod kit contains a specially designed bamboo fibre tray and seedmats featuring a variety of microgreen flavours.

Better yet, there are lots of colours and styles to choose from. Micropod grow kits are available in 3 sizes to suit every type of microgreen grower:

Sustainability at every step

From R&D, right through to implementation, sustainability has been at the forefront of the Micropod brand. Just like us, they’re committed to doing their part for our planet and improving the lives of animals and humans everywhere. That’s why they’ve created a solution where you can grow healthy, food right where it's going to be eaten. Good for you, and good for the environment.

Their Aussie made seedmats are made entirely from natural wood and coco fibres and are fully biodegradable and compostable. Their unique Growtrays are made from bamboo fibres which are eco-friendly, BPA free and biodegradable. Even their packaging and postage material is all fully biodegradable, just like our very own Plant Travellers at Plants in a Box. See! Our two brands really are two peas in a (Micro)pod!

With Micropod, it’s easy being green

In just a few easy steps, you can be well on your way to growing your own microgreens: 

  1. Set up your Micropod 
  2. Place your chosen seedmats into the seed tray with the seeds facing upwards.
  3. Pour 550mls of water over the top of the seedmats (to the marked indentation).
  4. Place the lid on top to let your plant babies brew.
  5. Lift off the lid after 2-5 days to give your greens some light.
  6. Leave your Micropod in a warm spot for 9-15 days and watch your greens grow!
  7. Harvest your microgreens with microsnips and liven up your meals!
  8. Compost your used seedmats, wash your seed tray and do it all over again!

Check out this quick how to guide to see how easy it is to grow greens in your own home!

Shop the Micropod range 

With over 1200 5-star reviews and featured in loads of lifestyle and gardening magazines, it’s clear that Micropod is a real game changer. Winner of the Good Design Australia 2020 and taking out Gold and Silver at the Best Design awards 2019, Micropod offers a fun, easy and sustainable way to grow microgreens. 

Ready to become a microgreen maestro? You can shop our Micropod collection here!

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