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Is it time to re-pot?

Is it time to re-pot?

"We are often asked when is it best to re-pot. Has my plant outgrown its container?"

Advancing plants to a larger pot brings new vigour due to new soil conditions (aeration, an abundance of minerals, microbes and or differing moisture levels).

Plants held in small containers for too long can fail to flourish (exception succulents for example) so consider advancing your plants on when the time is right.

You might start to see smaller new leaves from deficiencies, or a mass of foliage that looks unbalanced or roots that are starting to circle the container.

Time to re-pot!

Have your next size pot ready with first-class potting mix (don't scrimp here!). Upend the existing plant, tap the container lip on a hard surface to slide the rootball out.

Part fill the new pot and place the plant in the new container. The top of the old root ball should be the new finished level (ie don't bury the plant any deeper!).  Allow space at the top of the soil for water to pond. Add fertiliser to manufacturer's recommendations and water well for the first time.

Some plants resent repotting, preferring to stay put. This may have more to do with water levels where a root bound plant has occupied all the available space leaving little room for moisture. Succulents fall into this category.

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What sizes are plants sold in? 

In Australia, the common sizes are-

  • Tubes- the diameter is 40-50mm (approx 2 inches)
  • 125mm pot - the diameter is 125mm ( approx 5 inches)
  • 140mm pot - the diameter is 140mm ( approx 6 inches)
  • 170mm pot - the diameter is 170mm ( approx 7 inches)
  • 200mm pot - the diameter is 200mm ( approx 8 inches)
  • 250mm pot - the diameter is 250mm ( approx 10 inches)
  • 300mm pot - the diameter is 300mm ( approx 12 inches)


We sell Tubestock, so what size is it?-

It is simply a small pot of 42mm or 50mm. 

We hold our stock longer to make sure they are well rooted and ready to plant in the next size pot or straight into your garden.


When to pot?

When you receive your small pot (tube) they are perfectly fine to be planted into the garden or potted in a 125mm to 200mm pot. 

Plants will survive surprisingly well in pots provided that you don't let them dry out.  

Depending on the species, you can keep your new plants in pots indefinitely (think Bonsai), but they will always do better in the world's largest pot, the earth.

Observe your plants and judge when it's time to re-pot.

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