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Let’s turn this Black Friday, green!

Let’s turn this Black Friday, green!

Get excited plant people! Instead of buying into crazed consumerism, we’ve decided to go against the grain and do something a little different. This Black Friday, Plants in a Box are partnering with our friends at ReForest Now to help grow, conserve, and regenerate Australian forests. 

Green is the new Black!

Say hello to Green Friday! Instead of going on sale, we’re going green and donating a tree for every plant box ordered. That’s right! Each plant box you buy, is another tree in the ground. That means you can treat yo’ self with some new plant babies, knowing that you’re doing your part for the planet. How good’s that?

Better yet, our Green Friday campaign isn’t some crazy flash sale. Green Friday will run for a whole week (the whole Black Friday sales period) so you have more time to shop green!

Wanna know more about ReForest Now?

ReForest Now is an environmental NGO based in Australia’s beautiful Byron Shire region. Their mission is to grow and plant trees to restore and reforest land across sub-tropical Australia. 

ReForest Now achieves this by partnering with likeminded businesses, organisations, and companies who support reforestation and conservation. So far, this amazing organisation has planted over 63,000 trees in Australia on behalf of donors around the globe. 

By backing Plants in a Box and ReForest Now you are supporting Australia’s biodiversity and endangered species, reforesting sites burnt during the black summer bushfires, and combating the effects of climate change.  

You can find out more about ReForest Now and their wonderful initiative here.

Get Green Friday ready

Start planning your plant purchases now! Plants in a Box stock a huge range of indoor and outdoor plants ready and waiting to be delivered to your door. Simply, browse our online collection and add them to your cart ready for Green Friday

Please note: our Green Friday campaign is for plant purchases only, and is not available in conjunction with any other offer.

Thank you, thank you!

Thanks to our plant communities' wonderful support, ReForest Now were able to plant 545 new rainforest trees on behalf of Plants in a Box on January 1st at Yankee Creek Road (alongside Mullumbimby Creek). What a New Years gift! 

They planted out a diverse mix of rainforest tree and understorey species - including Birdwing vines in a nearby established forest (previously restored by the landholder).

These vines will directly support an endangered species, the Richmond birdwing butterfly, whose larvae use this plant as a primary food source. It is hoped that these plants will help the rare butterfly recolonise the area.

The trees will soon provide habitat for native species, improve the health of a nearby aquatic ecosystem, and sequester carbon for years to come. Well done plant nerds! And thank you. 

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