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Listen to your plants! There's a watering revolution going on

Listen to your plants! There's a watering revolution going on

Houseplants Say No To Plant Killers

This just in…

“We’ve had it up to here with human error” says Pilea - official spokesplant for houseplants worldwide. “We demand immediate Sustee action.”

You heard it here first folks. Houseplants are sick of our mistakes and they want Sustees. Now.

Join the Plant Watering Revolution

Us PIAB greenery nerds are sitting pretty on the Sustee bandwagon and shouting its praises as loud as we can because Sustees are the perfect solution to a question we’re asked all the time.

‘How often should I water my plants?’

If we had a FAQ section, this would rank right at the top.

And you know what? The answer varies because a sunny window sill and the central heating might dry out your potting mix, larger leaf plants sometimes need extra water, and during dull, cold weeks the potting mix might remain damp for ages.

Newbie plant owners and long-termers are both confused by watering schedules so don’t feel bad.

Watering mistakes range from overwatering to underwatering and all places in between. It’s because plants can’t speak our language, or rather, we can’t speak theirs.

The only way a plant can tell you it needs more or less water is by collapsing in a dehydrated heap or developing root rot. Both of these reactions are distress signals, but by the time you’ve seen them the damage is already done.

But hold up horsey because a Sustee can speak plant - and it’ll translate one of two things:

White = Yes please, I need a drink

Blue = No thanks, I don’t need a drink

Plant to human communication is going to make our indoor spaces healthier and happier places to spend time in. We guarantee it.

What Exactly Is A Sustee?

It’s an aquameter that nestles in your green babe’s roots and measures how much moisture is there.

When you water the sustee turns a happy blue shade, but as it dries out it turns white. This means moisture is gone at root level.

So what do you do? Water your plants when it’s white! So, so easy.

Sustees look like thermometers and there’s no battery needed. It’s easy to slide them into plant pots without disturbing roots.

In fact, you can move them around your pots if you like. Just give it 24 hours to dry out and turn white before using it again.

There isn’t a plant you can’t team with a Sustee. You can use them to measure root moisture on any plant that’s living in a pot, and they last ages too. You should get a good 6-9 months use from a single Sustee and even then there are refills available to save you cash.

If yours stops working before six months take it out and clean off the soil-end. Sometimes they get a speck of dirt in the way that prevents moisture travelling up to the indicator. Other than that, we’ve encountered no issues at all. 

Which Sustee Should I Buy?

White and green Sustees are available in different sizes so you can team up with one that fits your pot. It ain’t no good if the pointy end doesn’t reach the root system.

  • Small – shallow pots and containers about 2 inches deep
  • Medium – mid-sized pots around 4-8 inches in diameter
  • Large – The biggest Sustee is best for pots over 8 inches in diameter.

Still Not Convinced?

It might seem like an extra expense you could do without, but we know from our customers that overwatering is their number one indoor plant execution method and those of you who have just purchased that rare houseplant online, we bet you wish you had some sort of plant insurance on him too!

So the fact is that you guys love your plants and want to look after them, but many of you are loving ‘em a bit too much.

A Sustee translates your plant’s thirst level and saves you money in the long term because you don’t drown and rot them - in a loving way.

Plants can live happily for years and years with the right watering technique.

And it’s not just us banging on about them, Sustee’s designers have won plenty of awards for their simple but effective watering device.

So why not jump on the Sustee bandwagon with us and communicate effectively with your plants? Understanding another’s point of view makes the world go round and your leafy green buddies have something to say if you’re willing to listen. 


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