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How To: Be A Plant Lover Not A Plant Killer

How To: Be A Plant Lover Not A Plant Killer

Everyone is mad about Houseplants yet not everyone is mad about the up-keep. It's the fear “I love them, but I kill them every time”.

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The guru's tell us “don’t over water and don’t underwater” Yeah simple right? No, I’m still confused about what’s enough and what’s not enough? Will someone just break it down for me?

A plant will show similar symptoms for both under watering and over watering…

The signs for an overwatered / underwater plant are:

  • Lower leaves are yellow

  • Plant looks wilted 

  • Leaves Curling

  • Crispy Crunchy Leaves (more dehydration)

  • Roots will be rotting or stunted

  • No new growth

  • Young leaves will turn brown 

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    Houseplants do not have the pleasure of natural sources of water and therefore rely solely on us the plant carer to get it right, then add the fact that each plant has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to watering so how do you know when to do it?

    The answer, unfortunately, comes down to experience and practice. There isn't a hard and fast rule to follow, it's a simple case of watch and see, interacting with it and becoming one of those plant obsessed people. Yet this can be the most rewarding part of purchasing starter Indoor Packs online and getting to understand your Indoor Plants.

    If all this seems way too complicated for you and if your just a visual lover screaming out for some easy Indoor green, boy do we have some points for you….

    Number 1: Sustee Watering Device
    Keeping your plants happy has never been easier. 

    Sustee’s patented technology measures the relation between soil moisture suction and soil moisture content. Like a plant, it absorbs water from the soil and allows it to evaporate through transpiration holes near the display window.

    The Sustee will simply turn blue once hydrated and turn back to white when your plant requires a drink. It's really that simple.

    Number 2: Self-watering Pots!

    The Mr Kitly self-watering pot range is the outcome of the perfect collaboration between Bree Claffey (owner of Mr. Kitly) and Décor. It takes the sleek, self-watering pot plant design from the 80’s and brings them into the now using contemporary colours that will make any interior pop. They are made in Melbourne, are BPA free and as functional as they are attractive.MR Kitly Pots | Plants in a Box

    How do I use them (just give me the quick explanation)

    Simply fill the well at the bottom with water and the plant will draw up the water into the soil as it needs it. All you need to do is keep the well topped up with water. Simple! No more second guessing yourself if you are overwatering or under watering. Watch How to use a self watering pot here!

    When you receive your pot and plant make sure you use a good quality potting mix to plant it out. For the first time water it from above the help the potting mix settle in. Excess water will gather in the water well at the bottom. The plant will begin to draw up the excess water. Once the water well at the bottom dries out its time to top up the water well at the bottom.

    Quick tip: Turn your potted plants a half-turn every day or two to keep the growth of your houseplant even. Foliage automatically bends toward the light.

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