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Native Garden Inspiration: Two Winds

Native Garden Inspiration: Two Winds

Welcome to the Australian Native Garden. Sunrise with a cup of tea, the sounds of native birds chirping softly and a true home among the gum trees - you can easily see why surrounding your home with native plants has its benefits.

Recently we visited Two Winds, a relaxing escape nestled in between cane farms and the rolling hills of Northern New South Wales. The owners Nerissa and Sam have created a true haven that's the top of our list for Australian Native Garden inspiration.

What to plant?


The westringia are highly versatile Australian natives that suit a wide variety of uses ranging from expansive groundcover, to colourful formal hedges, box gardens, retaining walls or simply as a visually appealing shrub.

The popular Westringia owes its common names, ‘native rosemary’ or ‘coastal rosemary’, more to the shape of its leaves than any distinctive aroma. The leaves are often covered with an attractive contrasting grey or white velvety sheen.

Westringia usually flowers prolifically, often throughout the year, and respond very well to pruning. The flowers of the westringia are super attractive for birds and bees and that’s a great bonus for the overall wellbeing of your garden.



The fast-growing shrub with instant results! As you can see these guys are loved for their attractive glossy foliage, and a few produce edible fruits that are eaten fresh or used in yummy jams (they're a favourite for native birds too). 

Often referred to as Lilly pillies, they like good fertile moist soil but will still thrive in drought, full sun or semi-shade and will tolerate frosts, sandy soils and coastal conditions. 


Australian native grasses are low maintenance gems, perfect for landscaping and create an impressive look when planted on mass. Suited to a wide range of soil types and conditions whether coastal or inland, they'll sway in the breeze and create that peaceful and distinctly Australian feel to your garden. 

See our full collection of grasses here.

Bottle Brush / Callistemon

Iconic to Australia, this super versatile plant is drought, salt, wind and frost tolerant, bird attracting, flowering, low maintenance and pet-friendly. Not to mention they just make your garden pop! 


Similar to the Syzygium family, Acmena are often also labelled as lilly pillies. These striking evergreen tree's create a fantastic hedge with flushes of pink or read new growth; and white to maroon edible berries.

Shop the look

Two Winds' Native Garden is just one of the many examples of what you can achieve with Native Australian Plants. 

Their rich heritage and unique colours and forms create the perfect low-maintenance garden for your home. 

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