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New to composting? Subpod is the game changer you’ve been waiting for!

New to composting? Subpod is the game changer you’ve been waiting for!

At Plants in a Box, we’re all about helping the planet. Our team are always looking for new ideas to reduce waste and heal the earth. Recently, we asked Leisa, one of our dedicated plant nerds, to share her sustainability journey and how it led her to home composting. If you’re into sustainability, then this story’s for you! 

Steps to sustainability: My eco journey

Over the last few years I’ve started to up my sustainability game by making an active effort to reduce my household waste! I’ve become a master of recycling, cut down on my single-use plastics and have even started recycling my soft plastics through the REDcycle program. But it still wasn’t enough!

I started feeling super guilty about my contribution to landfill. I got frustrated with how quickly my bin was filling up with food waste (not to mention the gross smell in the warmer months!). So, I tried to find a better solution.

I started bagging up my food waste in biodegradable bags, sending it off to local gardens, or passing it on to someone with chooks. But to be honest, they weren’t great solutions. Most ‘biodegradable’ bags still take a really long time to decompose and having to offload your food waste to others is really inconvenient (and kinda feels like cheating)! 

Well, after that, it was back to the drawing board! So I hopped on the web and after some serious Googling, I found out that there’s really only one solution – home composting

The food waste problem 

Before I tell you why composting is so great, you have to understand what we’re up against. As a nation and as a planet, we are facing some serious issues and food waste is a big one! In fact, 33% of all food produced is lost or wasted, contributing more than 50% of global landfill waste. In Australia alone, over 5 million tonnes of food ends up in landfill (That’s enough to fill 9,000 Olympic sized swimming pools!). 

And you better believe that when all this food waste breaks down, it creates a whole lotta CO2. Around 4 million tonnes to be exact! If we can eliminate global food waste, we can cut back 4 millions of C02 emissions a year (which is the equivalent of taking one in four cars off the road!).

Composting is key to a more sustainable solution! 

At the moment, our society relies on a linear economy – we take, we consume and then we dispose. But everything we throw away ends up in landfill and to make maters worse, we have a lot of excess. That means a lot ends up in the bin and eventually landfill. 

But that’s where composting comes in! Composting is a key part of the sustainable solution – a circular economy. A circular economy seeks to reuse or repurpose our waste to create something new. In order to do this, we need to retire our rubbish bins, compost our waste, recycle old technology, donate or repair old clothes and grow our own food. 

Instead of take, consume and dispose, we can grow, consume and compost!

Why is composting so important?

Composting diverts waste, rebuilds soil and helps you grow your own food! 

For every 20,000 people who compost, we can divert over 10,000 tonnes of organic waste from landfill, restore vital nutrients and fertility to the soil and produce 400+ tonnes of fresh food each year! 

Home composting for all: Partnering with Subpod 

If you’re a bit of an eco warrior, then I’m sure you’ve already flirted with the idea of composting. And I’m sure, like me, you find the idea of home composting… pretty intimidating. Well, don’t stress! Plants in a Box have got you covered! 

Our team did some researching of their own and stumbled across Subpod, an amazing company that makes composting accessible and easy for all. Like us, they dream of a world without waste and they’ve got the perfect solution – a simple and modern composting system that is ideal for all us composting newbies! 

We were so impressed with their vision that we’ve officially partnered up with Subpod and now stock their amazing range in our online store!


Why you’re gunna love Subpod

Okay, so you’re probably wondering what makes Subpod so special. Well lots of things! 

In-ground system 

Unlike traditional composting systems, the Subpod doesn’t have to be hidden in the back of the garden. The Subpod’s in-ground design means it seamlessly blends in with any garden or environment, while keeping the compost out of direct sunlight. Make it a feature or hide it in a garden bed – the choice is yours!

Lightweight, with lots of space

Made from super safe, polypropylene, Subpod is lightweight (only 9.4kg) for easier shipping and durability when buried. Designed for Aussie families, one Supbod has enough space for a family of 4 to compost their food waste every day and can hold up to 200kg! It can also house lots of worms, up to 2000+. 

Worm haven 

Subpod’s unique design lets your worms live in the soil the way they’re supposed to. Sheltered from the sun, your worms can aerate and further fertilise the soil. The worms can also choose when they want to travel from the life-hub of the Subpod, out into your garden.


Impressive emission offset

With a Subpod, you can offset 2.24 tonnes of CO2 every year. That ‘s about the same amount of CO2 you'd produce charging 285,672 phones, or driving 8,945 kilometres!

Superior air flow

The days of smelly compost are over! Subpod has a unique 360-degree ventilation system to allow maximum airflow. Fresh air comes in, stale air goes out, before sour smell. The unit also has specially designed air holes to keep out common pests.  

No more guesswork

Most traditional compost systems aren’t easy to use and require a lot of trial and error. Subpod on the other hand, is completely beginner-friendly, with simple easy to follow instructions right on the lid. It shows you everything you need to know, from what you can put into your compost, to how to care for your worms. It’s all right there!

Best seat in the house

That’s right! Subpod isn’t just an odour-free underground composting system; it’s also a comfortable, customisable seat. Supporting up to 150kg, you can take a seat on your eco throne and admire your garden in all its glory. 

Rebuild the soil, feed your plants and grow your own food  

With a Subpod system you can make composting part of your everyday! You can teach yourself and your family about sustainability and how food grows. 

When you compost, you feed and rebuild the soil, improving nutrient levels and soil fertility for plants and crops. You can use compost for all sorts of things in the garden:

  • For potting mixture.  Mix 1 part compost, to 3 parts soil, to grow seeds and cuttings
  • For seedling mixture. Mix 1 part compost, to 2 parts soil, to grow established seedlings 
  • For nourishing houseplants or pot plants. Sprinkle undiluted compost on top of the soil. If there’s no room, remove some soil and replace with compost. 
  • For nourishing your garden. Spread a layer of undiluted compost on top of the soil over garden beds or around trees to add nutrients to the soil. 
  • For nourishing your lawn. Sprinkle undiluted compost over your lawn and rake it through to promote growth. 
  •  Balance soils. As you dig garden beds, add some compost in with the soil as you put it back. It’s perfect for balancing sandy and clay based soils.
  • Plant in seeds directly. Some crops (e.g. tomatoes and pumpkins) will grow directly in compost. Simply sprinkle some seeds in and let them grow!

Looking for things to grow around your new Subpod? 

To celebrate our partnership with Subpod, Plants in a Box has released the Edible Plants Pack. This amazing collection includes a mix of edible native plants and exotics to kick-start your self-sufficiency journey! In this seasonal pack you’ll find things like native mint, Lilly pilly fruit, midgen berries or beautiful edible flowers. Simply plants these babies around your new Subpod and let the worms and microbes do their thang! 

Join the composting revolution!

Composting is the way of the future and with Subpod it just got a lot easier! So, if you’re ready to divert your food waste, rebuild your soil and grow your own food, then shop the Subpod range today!

A mixture of which will have you- in no time, well maybe not self-sufficient but it will give you the confidence to brag to your friends that you grew these and "try one, I grew that myself". This little box is perfect for planting which spends the time letting the worms and the do the 

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