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I've turned my house into a Jungalow, but how do I keep the plants alive?

I've turned my house into a Jungalow, but how do I keep the plants alive?

So you've jumped on the new trend to have a house loaded with plants and you've bought a pack of mixed Indoor plants online, your no green thumb yet you want all your mates to think otherwise and this whole green vibe is growing on you... 

Let's keep these babies looking so damn good...

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Pop me near by a window please.

  • Indoor plants require high to moderate levels of natural light (there a few exceptions). Powered lighting does not supply the same depth of light, so it is best to place the plants near to a window. Sun rays are refracted (intensified) through glass, so avoid placing plants directly at a window that receives direct sunlight. 

Go easy on the drink

  •  It is best to have one person responsible for the task of watering indoor plants as statistics support the fact that the biggest killer of indoor plants is from over-watering. Indoor situations vary from room to room, so to determine how much water your plants need it is best to do a touch test. Water requirements will also vary depending on whether you are artificially cooling* or heating* your rooms, or whether the building is closed up during the day*. More regular watering will be required in each of these cases.

Touch test

  • The touch test involves pushing your longest finger deep into the potting mix to get a proper feel for moisture. Please be aware there is a major difference between cool and moist. If unsure, scoop a teaspoon full of mix out and rub it between your fingers.
  • As a general rule (not *), watering once every 5-7 days in the warmer months and once every 7-10 days in the cooler months seems to suit most plants.
  • If potting mix is too dry or of poor quality, water will run through quickly, not actually holding any moisture.

 Im so fussy 

  • Growing media for pot culture or for planter-box style indoor garden landscapes, indoor plants require a good quality, well-draining potting mix. One that provides support for the plant roots, holds moisture and supplies nutrients is ideal. Look for the industry Standard ticks printed on the bag, they are a good indication of quality.

Please remember:  Indoor plants will only grow as well as the growing media will allow.

  •  Potting mix is definitely an example of “You get what you pay for. There are many inexpensive, poor quality mixes on the market. These types actually take all available nutrients from the plant to aid the mix in it’s composting (breaking-down) process. The plant will then, most likely, fail to thrive. 
  • Just remember to make sure your mix is premium and has fertiliser added.



Indoor plants are best fed with a Slow Release fertiliser, that, once applied, has a particular lifespan. This makes it easy to make note on a calendar to re-apply when nearing the expiry time, for example a product that releases for 3-4 months, or 5-6 months. 

Soluble fertiliser is an alternative but must be applied every two weeks, otherwise the plants run out of nutrition., as it does not hold in the potting mix.

Don't be a Dust lover!

  • This is extremely harmful to indoor plants as it blocks the breathing parts of the leaves, but mostly because it reduces the ability of the plant to be able to function by reducing available light to the leaves.

I like things Humid.

  • Some plants, such as ferns, require a constant humidity around their leaves. If kept indoors, they will need to be have water sprayed on their leaves, once every 5-7 days. This is because an indoor environment is much drier than outdoors.


Now we've got that covered lets go back to the dream you just created... "A Tropical Jungalow!" 

Jungalow def: A synonym for treehouse; derived from "jungle" and "bungalow".
Do you live in an apartment. No, I live in a Jungalow.

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