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Brisbane's Best Plants

Brisbane's Best Plants

According to reports in 2018, Brisbane was ranked Australias most livable city. There is no guessing why with its subtropical climate that provides 280 days of sun a year and lots of green spaces. Living, working and playing in this city is all about the outdoors.

The Bris-vegas is one of Australias best-kept secrets, It's a fun smaller city yet buzzing with so much atmosphere. You may have moved here or you're a lucky local who just wants to know how to green up the backyard and what to plant in the garden! 

We have compiled a list of plants that will not only look great, they’ll be low maintenance and perform well in your subtropical haven, you will also be contributing to Brisbane's urban jungle, not to mention helping the rest of the world breathe, how cool is that?!  

Jump straight in and start plant shopping in the collection: The best plants for Brisbane and Coast

Best plants for Brisbane

We'll kick start you off with a few of our favourites for the area.

Myoporum parvifolium

Why we love it: This hardy little groundcover won’t require much love, will reward you with little flowers and act as a natural weed mat.

Where to plant it: In a sunny well drained position

Viola hederacea

Why we love it: It is a dense groundcover that is a perfect plant for between pavers or as a border plant. Its dainty little violet flowers remind me of some mystical land.

Where to plant it: In a damp shaded spot where not much else will grow

Brisbane's best plants


Pandorea jasminoides

Why we love it: It is a hardy, vigorous climber with beautiful white flowers. It gets to over four metres making it perfect as a screen or a trellis on a fence    

Where to plant it: In full sun to part shade

Brisbane plants

Callistemon viminalis Rose Opal

Why we love it: It is a fast-growing, hardy shrub that will reward you with beautiful red flowers. Perfect if you are after a screen around 2m tall  

Where to plant it: In full sun to part shade

Callistemon Rose Opal | Brisbane Gardens

Westringia fruticosa

Why we love it: It is a hardy, small, fast-growing shrub which does well in coastal conditions

Where to plant it: In full sun to part shade

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