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Palms have a lot to offer, with their lush green foliage they brighten up any garden. The majority of palms are low maintenance and some can even be grown indoors.

We love plams and so should you wanna see our favourites?Palm trees

Chamaedorea seifrizii aka the Bamboo Palm grows kind of like bamboo with a multi-stem base and fine frond leaves. This palm has air purifying qualities and can handle low light areas so is perfect for the office. Its mature height is 3m but it will take some time to get there. 

Chamaedorea Elegans also goes by the name Parlor Palm or Neanthe Bella PalmIf you are just starting out as a plant parent this is where to start. They don't need much attention and can deal with low light and little water. The Parlor Palm will grow to almost a meter and are great in a small pot or as a larger pot plant on the floor. 

Parlor Palm

Archontophoenix Alexandrae is also called the Alexander palm. She is a tall, native palm that has very beautiful and elegant fronds. She looks great in a tropical garden as a specimen palm or in a mass planting. You need a frost-free climate for this one or a nice spot indoors. It likes semi-shade too - useful in large gardens. 

Zamia furfuracea aka Cardboard Cycad or Cardboard Palm. It’s a tough evergreen plant that gives a great tropical feel with its spike-free thick leaves and fleshy trunk. It’s a really interesting plant and you’ll just want to touch it. This plant loves a warm sunny spot and does well in coastal areas, perfect for the deck. 

Rhapis excelsa here’s our beautiful Lady Palm If you want tall, textured foliage with a hint of elegance this lady is for you. She’s a slow grower with clustering upright stems that sprout leaves along the whole length. While the Lady Palm grows well outside as a feature plant or palm screen by the pool or patio, this is one of the best houseplants for low light conditions. 

With all palms don't cut the main trunk or any healthy green fronds. They only have one point of growth and if you removed it they will stop growing.  The lower fronds will naturally die and brown over time though and you should cut them off to maintain the overall attractive appearance.

You'll be transported straight to the tropics with any of these palm beauties so what are you waiting for drop a palm into your shopping bag today.

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