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Pet Friendly Indoor Plants

Pet Friendly Indoor Plants

It’s unfortunate but some of the most beautiful plants are deadly to our beloved pets. If you have a furry friend then be sure to read on as we list five beautiful and non-toxic plants that will not only make your place look good they will be safe for your pet.

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1. Parlor Palm

The parlor palm is an easy way to add impact with its luscious dark green fronds. It is low maintenance and can adapt to low light situations. Not only is this plant attractive and low maintenance it also made it into NASAS top 50 indoor plants that clean the air. 

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2. Echeveria Morning Beauty 

This plant is a succulent which makes it very low maintenance. Give it a water when the soil is completely dry and leave it in a sunny position. The edges of the leaves are smooth and are a beautiful greyish / blue colour. 

Indoor plants non toxic for pets | Plants in a Box | Free Shipping Australia

3. Calathea insignis 

The Calathea insignis has particular interesting foliage with purple / red on the underside of the leaf. At the end of the day, the leaves fold together ... hence the common name prayer plant.

non toxic houseplants | plants in a box | free shipping Australia

4. Nephrolepsis Fluffy Ruffles Fern also known as the Boston Swordfern 

Fluffy Ruffle fern looks like you might imagine. He has an extra, soft and fluffy look thanks to its finely divided fronds. He's a great indoor plant. The Fern is easily grown and ideal for hanging baskets and or in a massed planting. 

5. Peperomia obtusifolia Jade

The Peperomia has a compact form that will occupy a small space, ideal for hanging baskets and table top plants but be sure to place the plant on a medium to low light situation away from direct sunlight.

 Peperomia jade | non toxic houseplants for pets | free shipping | plants in a box Australia

*Please note while this list contains plants that have been reported not to have effects on animals your pet might react differently and have an adverse plant reaction.

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