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Plant of the Month: Philodendron xanadu

Plant of the Month: Philodendron xanadu

The days are warming up and the holiday season is upon us, you might be adding those last minute touches to spruce up your pool in time for the holiday guest. Philodendron xanadu is the perfect low maintenance shrub, with its lush, tropical leaves and compact form it will grow equally happy in a pot or in the ground.

Philodendron xanadu | Tropical garden | subtropical Australian garden

Images via Barbara Cilliers for sitsitso.com

Botanical Name: Philodendron xanadu

Common Name: Philodendron xanadu, Philodendron

Climate: Will do well in Tropical, subtropical and warmer parts of Australia.

Native: No

Soil: Well drained soils rich in humus is best but this is a pretty hardy plant so will survive in most soils.  

Sun: Full sun to part shade.

Water: Water well until established, once established it only needs a water every so often.

Uses: Great as a border plant and for mass plantings along driveways, beside the pool, under a tree or in larger pots as a feature plant.  

Philodendron xanadu | Subtropical plants Australia | Tropical Garden

Height: 1m

Width: 1m

Current Size: 10-15 cm tall 

Philodendron xanadu | Subtropical garden | Tropical Australian garden

Recommended Spacing: For fast results plant 30cm apart or 60cm apart if you have time and patience.

Growth Rate: Slow-moderate

Maintenance: Philodendron xanadu is a low maintenance plant it is happy with a regular water and a fertilise once a year.

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Philodendron Xanadu | Border Planting | Tropical Garden | Australian Summer Garden

Important: Philodendron xanadu is listed as toxic to animals and humans if ingested and the sap may cause skin irritation. 

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