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Plant of the Month: Photinia x fraser Red Robin

Plant of the Month: Photinia x fraser Red Robin

Looking for a fast-growing, drought hardy hedge that will give you some privacy? Well, Photinia x fraser Red Robin is the plant for you.  

These guys are super popular and for good reasons. They grow throughout Australia without issues, they are low maintenance and can handle periods of drought, coastal conditions, light frosts, high winds and neglect.   It is a spectacular shrub with new leaves being bright ruby red turning to dark glossy green after a few weeks.

 photinia red robin red leaves

Botanical Name: Photinia x fraser Red Robin 

Common Name: Fraser Photinia, Photinia Red Robin, Christmas Berry or some of you refer to it as "that red tipped tree"

Climate: This guy is suitable for most climates around Australia as it copes with humidity and also frosts once established

Native: No I'm not!

Soil: Red Robin can deal with most soil types but good drainage is important they don’t like wet feet.

Sun: These babies prefer full sun but you can get away with planting them in part shade - how good it that?

Water: Water well until established, once established these guys are pretty drought tolerant and need very little water another bonus!

Uses: If you are after a tall screening hedge for privacy reasons this is for you or if you just want to add a pop of colour to the garden you can plant it as a small specimen tree

Height: 3-4m

Width: 2-3m

Current Size: 20-25 cm tall

Recommended Spacing: For fast results plant 60cm apart or if you have the time and patience you could go 100cm apart

Growth Rate: Fast! Expect to see 50cm of growth every year

Maintenance: These guys really don’t need much maintenance once established. Give it a light prune to maintain shape and your desired height. If you have poor soil you can give them a feed in Spring.  

Problems:  You won’t have many problems however if the Photinia Red Robin is too wet they are more susceptible to fungal issues so watch the watering.

Think this plant is the one you need to create some privacy in your garden? Shop the look now.  

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