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Plant Of The Month: Syzygium australe ‘Select Form’

Plant Of The Month: Syzygium australe ‘Select Form’

The Syzygium australe ‘Select Form’ is a beautiful, compact, fast growing native lily pilly. With dark green glossy foliage that grows right to the ground, it is ideal for hedges and screens. The beautiful new growth is bronze in colour and it produces small white puff flowers which turn into yummy edible fruit.

Botanical Name: Syzygium australe ‘Select Form’

Common Name: Lilly Pilly ‘Select Form’, Select Scrub Cherry

Climate: Temperate, Sub-tropical

Native: Yes

Soil: Suitable to most soil types, however, will perform best in rich, well-drained soil.

Sun: Full sun to part shade. The more sun it gets the faster the growth rate.

Water: Water well until established, once established water moderately.

Uses: Hedging, screening, natural sound barrier, topiary. The fruit can be eaten and makes a great jam or chutney.

Height: 3-4m

Width: 1-2m

Current Size: 20-25cm tall 

Recommended Spacing: For fast results plant 75cm apart or 1-1.5m apart if you have time and patience.

Growth Rate: Fast if in ideal conditions.

Maintenance: After flowering trim to the required height which will help keep tidy and encourage dense growth.

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