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Pool Vibes; Super easy landscape designs that won't have you on the end of that leaf catcher thingy 24/7

Pool Vibes; Super easy landscape designs that won't have you on the end of that leaf catcher thingy 24/7

Whether your pool style is resort chic or more tropical vibes; there are plants out there with the right texture, shape and form to help you create that poolside landscape that will entice you to have a dip.

Pool Landscaping - Ideas Plants in a Box

But before you start digging holes, it’s important to consider that swimming pool areas create a microclimate of their own with raised humidity levels, splashing from chlorinated water and intense sunlight that can frizzle nearby landscaping and that just won't look any good!

All things considered, we’ve rounded up a handful of pool friendly plants that are tough, largely mess-free and which still look great.

Tall shrubs and trees not only provide privacy and shade, but they also enhance the style of your space and work to blend the pool into the surroundings. Evergreen varieties like Murraya paniculata and Camellia work well to screen out nosey neighbours and they can be cut to shape so that their branches don’t overhang the water. You’ll produce more work for yourself with trees that shed leaves, berries or needles as they clog the pool filter and stain paving; so consider their distance from the pool when either planting or planning your pool’s location.

Fast growing trees have invasive root systems which can damage the pool structure and plumbing. Steer clear of species with like bamboo and Rubber tree (Ficus) which are renowned for being destructive. For a lush look without the hassle try with Strelitzia NicolaiPhilodendron XanaduJasmine.



We can’t sing the praise of succulents enough as the ideal low maintenance landscape option. They tolerate the heat generated from paving or concrete and can cope with the salty splash of pool water. Combinations of aloes, crassula and echeveria dress pool areas up nicely with little mess and no fuss, however, keep prickly cactus species like Opuntia far away from the water’s edge as their spines are not family friendly.

An easy and effective way to soften the pool area is with large container planting or designer pots. With most plants coping quite well potted up, you’re not restricted to any one style and you’re free to change the colour palette from season to season. Plant sculptural specimens for height like striking Agave attenuata and even an Olive tree does well; pair with ornamental grasses or Senecio serpens for a modern poolscape.

With the right plant selections, you’ll be able to sit back in your pool area and make a splash all Summer long! 



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