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Preparing to leave your plant babies (for just a little while)

Preparing to leave your plant babies (for just a little while)

I just wish I could take my plants with me...

While you're wondering how you're even going to survive without your plants, here's a list of ways to make sure they survive without you

We’re taking a little family break away but before we head off my first step is making sure my plant gang are ready for their next week alone. 

Step 1.
Fill the base of your self-watering pots with water, these pots can help your plants last up to 2 weeks providing it's not too hot.

Those plants not in self-watering pots or just the bigger plants in general, I’ve showered and placed in the bathroom (note all my pots have holes in them to drain away the excess water) if it’s Winter time they won’t dry out. Another method for small plants, try putting one end of a damp piece of cloth in the soil and the other in a glass of water - as the plant needs more moisture it will wick it up through the cloth. 

Step 2.
I’ve sprinkled their soil with bit of cinnamon to warn any pests away and popped a little bowl of olive oil behind my potted plants for any bugs to fly into and sadly yes get trapped.

Step 3.
I’ve made sure they all have some form of natural light ☀️

Bathrooms are a great spot if you want to make sure they are safe as safe can be. If you're really fancy you can wet a few old bath mats/ towels, pop them under the pots or add some wet newspaper/paper towels to cover the topsoil and keep things a little moist (fancy I know). 

Or you could pop your plants outside in a shaded area undercover and ask your neighbour to water once a week and if you were clever enough to order a few sustee's before you leave, pop one in each potted plant and ask your now favourite neighbour to water only when the sustee is displaying white. Remember if it is Winter your plants will only need to be watered, roughly as a guide every couple of weeks and weekly during Summer (this might make it easier for the plantsitter).

Make sure your houseplants are not left sitting in full sunlight, you'll only come back to crispy foliage and ain't nobody like that.

If it is Winter they hate getting the sniffles so make sure protected if left outside for easy access for the sitter.

Step 4.
I’ve told them all to behave 
Try not to miss them too much - I always do.

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