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Shower In Style – 8 Best Plants For The Bathroom In 2020

Shower In Style – 8 Best Plants For The Bathroom In 2020

Bored with your bathroom? Yeah. It happens. They aren’t the most exciting of spaces and they cost an absolute fortune to re-do.

But hold up – you can redesign your bathroom with plants. It’s a low-cost quick fix bathroom makeover whether you’re renting, newly moved in, or your bathroom is looking ‘meh’.

Check Out Your Space

Because bathrooms are usually compact you’ll need to make the most of the spaces in it.

1. The windowsill. Pull down that old net or mouldy blind and put a large leafy green plant there instead. It’ll block the view and look fabulous.

2. The ceiling. Hanging plants are great in the bathroom turning it into a lush oasis of greenery without taking up floor space. Ooo, what about hanging a lightweight ladder across the ceiling? You could attach loads of plants to that.

3. The walls. A bathroom shelfie? Yes! Put up a shelf and cover it with plants. You can’t go wrong here. It’s easy to switch plants around and change pots to get a new style whenever you feel like it.

4. The floor. Hmmm, it’s limited space but a big plant in the corner or a set of three smaller ones makes a statement. It’s worth tiptoeing around them.

What Plants Suit The Bathroom?

Thought about your spaces? Now for the right plants.

Bathrooms often have low light and steamy, tropical conditions. Sun-loving desert succulents won’t like it but there are loads of rainforest plants that love these exact conditions.


Bring a pop of colour to your bathroom. This Anthurium has glossy dark leaves and bright cheerful flowers in all sorts of colours black, red, orange, white. It’s a good choice for steamy conditions and looks great grouped in a little gang.

Snake Plant

Also called mother-in-law’s tongue Snake Plant loves low light, steamy conditions, and it’ll purify your bathroom air. Snake plants grow upwards so they’re a good space saver and you can show off the pot.


Reliable peace lily loves a shower room. Steamy, humid air and lower light is this girl’s dream. If you’re pushed for space try Spathiphyllum petit or if you want more and bigger try Pearl – our big babe pack gives you a head-start. 


Draping down from a hanging planter or sitting pretty on the top shelf Ivy is a bathroom winner. It’s a great air purifier and a tough cookie, enjoying its warm and steamy best bathroom life.

Try to keep ivy hanging near a window as it likes a bit of light. Pearls and Jade is a pretty variegated version that brightens up a darker bathroom.


The Chinese evergreen loves humidity, low light and stays pretty compact. You can buy different colours and play with some rainbow magic. A whole shelf of aglaonema is a cool sight as you lounge in the bath.

Spider plant

Bombproof spider plants will grow in your bathroom and likely produce little newbies in there too. Cute.

Hang a spider plant, shelf it, or pop it on the cistern. You can’t go wrong and the variegated versions are really lovely, trailing down to half a metre.

Aloe Vera

Ok, so we said no succulents in the bathroom but Aloe Vera will grow there if you have a sunny windowsill and her sticky soothing sap will help your sunburn and bug bites.

She’ll barely need any water though as the steamy room will keep her going.


Ferns love humidity and low light so they are perfect filters for your bathroom.

Ferns can hang down or sit in a pot. They are fluffy, textured and keep things interesting when mixed up with a block of thick foliage. Here’s the smaller sized Fluffy Ruffles and the larger vivid green Bluebell. We can’t decide which we like more.


What About Watering?

One of the best aspects of having a bathroom full of plants is easy watering. Stick your leafy greenery in the shower and gently hose off any dust. Pop them in the sink to soak up water from below and leave them to drain there. So, so easy.

You may find that some of the tropical style plants you have in the bathroom don’t need much water at all because they are absorbing it from the humid air.

If you’re worried use a Sustee. Sustees measure water at root level and change colour when your plant needs a drink.  No more killin’ with kindness.

Little Bathroom = Mega Plant Impact

The smallest room in your house can have the biggest impact. Look out for tropical jungle plants that love low light and humidity. They’ll flourish and make shower time a glorious jungle style adventure.

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