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Take your letter-box styling to the next level with Javi Design!

Take your letter-box styling to the next level with Javi Design!

Hitting the scene in 2014, Javi Design is an Australian based design collective with a passion for making everyday products, beautiful. They want to turn the mundane into the marvellous and the frustrating to the friendly. Their aim is to create sustainable, long lasting products that you’d be proud to own. 

Their journey began with a letterbox design and it's growing faster than a garden vine. Inspired by their eco ethos and innovation, Plants in a Box has decided to team up with Javi Design and we couldn’t be more excited! Want to know more about this wonderful Aussie company and the products they create? Of course you do!

A gap in the home styling market 

Whether you’re building or renovating, you know just how much time is spent on the architecture and styling of homes. From structural frames and exterior cladding to paint selections and interior design, the choices seem limitless…that is until it comes to letterboxes

Frustrated with the quality, style and overall design of the current letterbox offerings on the market, Javi Design saw an opportunity to reinvent the humble letterbox and transform it into a sustainable and stylish product you’d be proud to own.

The Javi team decided to rethink the letterbox’s place in the ‘home styling’ pecking order and set out to create designs that were suitable for both residential and commercial use. Inspired by architectural styling cues and ageless aesthetics, Javi Design prides themselves on taking a new approach to an old concept. 

Customisation for all!

Unlike anybody else, Javi Design offers customers the opportunity to customise their range to suit their home or business. They offer a range of styles including, fence mounted, wall mounted, flush mounted and post mounted. You can finish your timber panel in a variety of coatings or leave the timber raw for a touch of stylish essentialism. 

Better yet their in-house fabrication offers customised CNC engraving to add your address. A truly modular system, all their products can stand alone, or be incorporated into walls, fences, and apartment buildings.

Sustainability with style

Just like the team at Plants in a Box, Javi Design is driven by eco awareness. That’s why we love them so much! Javi wanted to create products are both stylish and sustainable. By studying different materials and manufacturing processes to ensure maximum recyclability and longevity with minimal waste, they found their eco solution – acetylated wood. 

Acetylated wood is created by improving the durability and stability of fast growing and abundantly available certified wood species. This long-life, modified wood has heaps of environmental advantages compared to slow growing hardwoods and woods treated with toxic chemicals.

Acetylated wood has a lifespan of at least 50 years above ground, and 25 years in ground, and its higher durability means less maintenance. Acetylated wood is CO2 negative over its full life cycle, making it an eco-friendlier option than your tropical hardwoods and non-renewables. 

The letterbox bodies are made of high quality Australian aluminium and are coated with Dulux Duratec powder coat to provide a 20 year warranty. Paired with stainless steel hinges and fasteners, Javi products will stand the test of time. Better yet, at the end of the product’s life cycle, all materials (except the double sided adhesive tape) can be recycled.

Go greener with wall planter boxes

This is where things get really exciting! After creating their wall mounted letterbox, Javi Design saw an opportunity to further customise home and businesses with customisable wall planter boxes. These super stylish planter boxes add a touch of greenery to any wall and can stand alone, be grouped together or serve as an extension to your letterbox

Just like Javi letterboxes, their wall planters are built to last and use the same combination of powder coated Australian aluminium and eco-friendly wood. Their planters come in 2 neutral body colours and a customisable acetylated wood front panel so you can create a matching set! 

Sustainable and stylish letterboxes and wall planters? It’s every plant nerd’s dream!

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to refresh your front yard, or a renovator looking to revive your home or business, Javi Design will make the mundane marvellous! You can check out our full range of Javi Design letterboxes and wall planters on our website.

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