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Corporate gifts that don't suck: Our top 7 gift ideas

Corporate gifts that don't suck: Our top 7 gift ideas

Stuck on what to get your clients or co-workers for the holiday period?

It’s coming up on THAT time of year, which means showering your clients with thanks and participating in the office secret Santa. We might be a teeny, tiny bit biased but we’ve got a list of 7 corporate-friendly gifts that don’t suck (for any budget).

Buying for a colleague (read as “keep it under $20”)

1. Sustee watering device gift pack
Okay, let’s start small. Whether it be the secret Santa name draw or the everyone-for-themselves stealing game (we secretly love this version), our Sustee is the perfect gift for any plant-lover (or plant killer) you know. Get these award-winning devices and refills starting from $12.95 delivered. 

2. Succulent Gift Box
If you want to go a little more adventurous, pick up 4 of our favourite spiky friends in a range of colours and textures for $49.95. Add gift wrapping to your order and voila! Instant gift, delivered wrapped and ready to go all from the comfort of your work desk (Ahem. No. Definitely not online shopping at work. Our mistake..)


These succers also look great presented in little hessian bags individually if you have large staffing numbers to work with. Everyone likes to take home a little growing gift. Shop from 4-100 packs online.

Buying for a client

3. Houseplant Gift Box
The gift box of houseplants is our best seller for a reason. Perfect for any occasion, and longer-lasting than a bouquet of flowers. Send straight to your favourite clients wrapped AND card included? Score!
Delivery included for $75.95
4Handmade Ceramic Pot + Plant (Surprise! they're all plant-related)
This little guy is a desirable addition to any desk-top. Hand-made by our favourite ceramicist using recycled pottery, this gift pack also includes a pretty little plant to go inside. Four colours to choose from, he’s a steal at $69.95

5. Self-watering Pot + Plant Combo
She’s curvy and sleek and MADE FROM RECYCLED PLASTIC what! Honestly what more could you ask for?! Get a houseplant + a self-watering pot from $69.95 The bonus here is she comes with a self-watering insert to stop the overwatering pitfalls and there's no need to take your plant in and out to water.

Buying for your employees or bulk buying!

If you're looking to bulk-buy look no further! You're probably thinking "a gift that everyone will love doesn't exist!" Wrong! We aren't going to harp on about the benefits of plants in the office (you can read us do that here), but we will say it IS a gift that will delight everyone. 

6. Something Small
Our small pot and plant combo will make your gift the most envied at your end of year celebrations. Here's how it works; drop a pack of mini gifting pots in your cart, then add our fancy assorted pack of succulents to complete the gift. Wait for them to arrive, then pair 'em up! Done!

7. Self-watering Mr Kitly Pot + Plant
Buy these in packs of 1, 3, 6, 8 (or more), they'll include your choice of mixed coloured pots, and a mixed selection of plants to go in each. When they arrive happy and fresh, take a break and make an event out of it. Let everyone choose their own desk-companion. 

Whether your clients are just down the road, or across the country we've got you covered for the gift-giving season. Free delivery included in every purchase - how easy is that?!

These aren’t just great for work-related presents either. Stock up and take these gifts to your family holiday celebrations or friendsmas - we promise they’ll go down a treat!

If you’ve navigated here completely last minute or your one of those indecisive types (we feel you) we also stock e-gift cards. Take out all the guesswork and let them choose! Nice!

Shop all gifts here.

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