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The Modern Mediterranean Garden

The Modern Mediterranean Garden

Follow these tips to create the perfect Mediterranean garden where you will spend your days hosting long lunches and sipping on red wine in the warm summer sun...

or at least give you a nice space to daydream when you're hanging the washing out.  

The key to designing a modern Mediterranean garden is simple - keep your plant selection restricted to 4 or 5 species, choose plants that have a silvery tinge to them and keep it neat but informal.

Introduce hardscape elements such as decomposed granite, sandstone boulders, terracotta pots and rendered white walls - these will let your plants sing. 

Sticking to these rules will give you the sleek yet character filled garden. 

I like to break down my garden designs into three categories - thriller, fillers and spillers.

Thriller = This is the hero of the garden. It will give you the wow factor and will set up the gardens framework. 

Fillers = These guys are the silent heroes, filling up the spaces so your eyes are drawn to the feature plants. 

Spillers = These guys are the border plants the nice ones that spill onto the paths and over rock edges. 

Dichondra silver fallsFor the modern mediterranean garden you can't go past the classic Olive tree as your thriller plant. For the fillers go for things like Metrosideros Spring Fire and Westringia and the spillers well Dichondra Silver Falls and Festuca glauca  were made for this garden.


Now is the time to get digging so come summer you can sit back, entertain and enjoy the long balmy days. 

All images via pinterest 

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