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Thrifting for Pots and Planters | What you need to know

Thrifting for Pots and Planters | What you need to know

Want to update your pot plants but your splurge account is in the red? We know how.

Houseplants add softness, colour, texture and cleaner air to your home but housing them in cute pots and planters can be costly. We've got some tips for keeping those dollars in your pocket while giving your space a makeover.

Everyone knows tubestock plants are cheaper, so ordering some new plants online - shipped cheerfully free to your door - is already saving you money. Once you've got those new babes its time to go thrifting! Here we go..

What to look for

Keep those eyes peeled for anything that makes you go "that's cute!" and don't worry too much about what it used to be in a past life - we want you to think outside the box (or pot rather?). However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your new plant homes.

The most important consideration when shopping for new planters is drainage! You want your plants to survive into their senior years and in order to thrive, they must have proper drainage. 

This means if you find a funky vase, ceramic, bowl or container you want to use as a planter, and it doesn't have a hole in the bottom, you'll need to fit in an insert first. Watch below for our how-to guide. 

Using an insert allows you to take the plant out of its container to water thoroughly, allow to drain, and place back into its home. Unfortunately, you can't always find an exact fit, especially if you've chosen an interesting shaped vessel, so you might have to get crafty and cut one down. 

Cleaning your new planters

Using secondhand items is great for your wallet (and the environment!) but you have to be careful you're not carrying over any bacteria onto your new plants.

We recommend the following mix to properly clean your "pots" before planting up.

 A bucket or sink full of Water
 A few drops of eucalyptus oil or Apple Cider Vinegar 

Choosing the best soil (what you spend is what you get)

The soil mix is the best part of potting up, you can get your fingers dirty! It's the best type of earthing.  Always use a premium organic soil mix with a slow-release fertiliser if you can. This way you don't have to add anything to your mix. Look out for the red ticks indicating that the potting mix has met the Australian Standards. Read more on soil quality 

Save money and go thrifting for your plant pots

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