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To trim or not to trim my houseplant?

To trim or not to trim my houseplant?

Pruning "taking away dead or damaged leaves, stems, buds from your plants" can really help to revitalise your plant, freshen him up and make him look sharp!

This allows your plant to not only look more appealing but for him to focus only his new growth rather than waste his time and energy on the old brown ones.

If your plant develops brown leaf tips you can trim these off by following the line of where the browning damage meets the green. Try and cut right on the line where the discolouration & green foliage meet.

If your leaf is not worth saving or completely brown then it's ok to simply remove the whole leaf as it simply will not recover.

For some plants, this is totally the done thing but it is also good to check back with your plant's description just in case it's a sign of poor health and then go back over your care routine. You could be overwatering or underwatering to?

Maintaining your Indoor plants is all part and parcel of the houseplant care routine and it's super rewarding. You get back what you put in with these guys.