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Top 10 Spring Plants of 2020

Top 10 Spring Plants of 2020

It’s springtime and what could be more heart-warming than sweet, warm air, mild temperatures, and the promise of summer to come?

It’s our favourite time of year because we’re moving out of cold and flu season, spring plants are waking up, and the glorious summer garden flowers are on their way.

We think that spring 2020 deserves a celebration and what better way to feel good about the warmer weather than heading outside to spend time with the best summer plants? They’ll brighten your garden, boost your spirits and be the envy of your neighbours.

If you’re stuck for inspiration here are our top ten plants for spring. It was difficult to choose only ten, and we admit that some scuffles took place as we voted for plants that we dig, what's on demand, troopers that outperform the rest, and those that shout ‘Spring is here so check me out – wit-woo!’

In no particular order, here are our best spring to summer plants and flowers. We’ve included shrubs, climbers, groundcover, and container-happy flowering plants so you’ll find something to suit

1. Star Jasmine

A stand-out star of summer flowers Star Jasmine is totally beautiful with dark glossy leaves and scented white star-shaped flowers that smother the entire plant.
A tougher, more gorgeous, and more versatile plant you’ll be hard-pushed to find. Use Star Jasmine to create a hedge, cover a wall, or conjure up some amazingly scented ground cover. If you want something more formal to arrange her clinging tendrils over an arch and trim the ends off.
She’s a top performer that won’t give you any grief.

2. Syzygium Aussie compact

Got nosey summer neighbours?

Pick up this spring flowering evergreen hedge. Aussie Compact is a firm favourite with his fluffy white summer blooming flowers that bud up and burst open from spring onwards.

Check out the glossy green leaves and bronze-tinged new foliage that grows densely and blocks out prying eyes all year round. Then in spring, you can admire the soft white flowers that pollinators go crazy over. In summer the birds adore Syzygium’s edible berries. Talk about year-round!

Tough, hardy and beautiful – we love this one and recommend it for nature lovers.

3. Little Ruby

Little Ruby™ Alternanthera is a stand-out summer blooming ground cover.

She grows in a mound, spreads over 90cms wide, and spends all year showing off glossy, oval red foliage.

We love this little gem because she’s a real bargain. You’ll get year-round groundcover with extra pretty ‘oomph’ in the spring. Those little white flowers contrast beautifully with her foliage bringing some colour to counteract all the brown soil and green grass.

We think she’s one of the best spring flowering ground covers available.

4. Murrayas

Murrayas are more commonly known as mock orange and we think they’re one of the best spring plants around.

Confession time - we’ve cheated here because there’s more than one Murraya!

Murraya paniculata is a large evergreen ornamental shrub with rich, deep-green, glossy leaves. Its new spring growth is brilliant lime-green and it produces delicate, creamy-white, exquisitely citrus-fragranced flowers during spring and summer. 

Too big? How about Murraya Min-a-Min the dwarf form or even Murraya Hip-High a dwarf form but slightly taller - up to your hip!

They’re all tough and pretty plants with stunning white fragrant flowers – how will you manage to choose?

5. Zoysia

It can get too busy in the garden with all those summer flowering plants don’t you think? You’ll need to add some architectural beauty to find the right balance.

Let us introduce the grass that everyone loves – Zoysia. It’s NO MOW GRASS - perfect!

Create beautiful mounds of soft, lush green, finely textured grass. It’s ideal in between pavers and rocks. Super tactile ground cover that makes you just wanna touch.

Zoysia also looks super smart in planters on the deck where it shows off forms of beautiful low-growing carpet-like foliage.

6. Pratia 

Pratia pedunculata is a classy yet tough groundcover that forms a carpet of tiny green leaves and beautiful tiny white flowers in spring and summer.

This versatile ground cover is also known as Trailing Pratia and its perfect in-between pavers, stepping stones, or as a lawn alternative in low traffic areas. 

You can step on her a bit, but not too much. She suits a container too – oh yes – multitasking summer plants are what you really need this year.

7. Lomandra - Little Con

Little Con, or Mat Rush if you prefer, grows in a mounded clump of fresh green narrow leaves and pops up pretty little cream flowers in spring.

We love this plant because it has pretty summer flowers but also great structural height and depth.

This is the perfect grass for pots, the border where he looks amazing in a large swathe, and if you need an understory plant then Little Con is more than happy to oblige. He stays relatively small at 30 by 30cms so doesn’t outstay his welcome.

This is a staple plant that suits everywhere and we love him for his versatility. 

8. Gardenia magnifica

Gardenia Augusta Magnifica is truly a magnificent plant.

She’s a tall growing, evergreen shrub with large, glossy, deep-green leaves and large, double, heavily perfumed white flowers during spring and summer The huge, huge flowerheads look like summer snowballs – she’s just lovely.

If you’re looking for large gardenias then this is the girl for you. Mass-planted she creates a knock-out scent and can be kept hedged to two metres in height.

This is a statement plant for summer with enough wow factor to keep the most hardcore flower fan happy for months.

9. Raphiolepsis Snow Maiden

Want a spring flowering perfectly proportioned small hedge? It’s Snow Maiden all the way.

Her foliage emerges copper-tinted and then matures into dark glossy green, but the Snow Maiden name comes from her pretty white spring and winter time flowers.

These grow in tight bunches across her stems and put on a quite a show. In fact, they are so pretty and softly-scented that clever folk use them as cut flowers for the house.

We love her because the early white blooms are touched with blush pink, the fragrance is sweet and she needs barely any care. She just gets on with it and is more than happy to live in your garden without creating a fuss.

We recommend this gal for the first hint of colour in your winter garden.

10. Photinia Red Robin

Oz breed Photinia - Plants in a Box

Red Robin is usually grown for his brilliant new red foliage – and yeah, we’ll admit it’s something special - but did you know he also flowers?

Little upright clusters of white bloom brightly on his branch tips in spring. They’re fragrant, pretty, and against his glossy green leaves and vibrant red growth, they pack a modern visual punch.

Photinia Red Robin is laidback. He grows well in all climates and we love him for his easy-going toughness and red and white springtime accents.

There are so many plants for summer that we struggled to pick only ten, such are the harsh realities for plant nerds.

If you need any advice or help to choose the best summer flowers just get in touch. We’re happy to help and love spreading good plant vibes.

If you don’t have a clue we’ve got amazing value summer garden plant ideas for newbies just starting out, and we’re offering great prices for experts that already grow magnificent flowers in their garden borders, patio containers, and front rooms.

So get set for an amazing spring and even better summer!

We dig summer flowering plants and want you to share the enjoyment this year. Standby for delivery – we’re good to go. 


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