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Tubestock Plants - What an earth does that even mean?

Tubestock Plants - What an earth does that even mean?

What are Tubestock Plants Explained.

Tube stock plants are smaller plants. They are grown in smaller nursery grow pots to encourage a fully established root system before your plants are ready to go into the ground. Without fully established root systems your plant will just simply not survive. Most nurseries buy tubestock (smaller nursery grow pots) from a wholesaler to then grow up into larger sized pots to then sell onto the public.  

What is tubestock planting?

Tube stock planting is when you decide to purchase smaller plants in bulk and save on the elbow grease, money & time. A tubestock is generally defined as a smaller plant but not in all cases. Sometimes the size of the nursery pot your plant is potted into can make it seem like you are buying a bigger plant when the actual size of the plant is the same as if you were buying tube stock plants. Pending on the nursery, premium tubestock will have fully established root systems and ground ready to roll, they can even catch up to the big ones in no time! Just make sure you water them well before you plant into the ground so they don't dry out.

Where do you buy tubestock plants?

A great place to buy tubestock is online - yep welcome to the new age of buying plants online. If you choose a nursery who cares about what they grow and sell you'll more times than often find yourself receiving a very happy box of plants in the mail. Tubestock plants are great garden fillers. You may have purchased a few larger plants for the garden but your wallet just can't quite squeeze out the extra dollars for any more, this is when buying tubestock plants online is a much more affordable way to quickly fill a space in your garden or instantly bring life indoor life inside the home.

How do you plant tubestock plants?

On arrival water, your tubestock plants from the bottom up - simply place your tubes in a sink or large container of water approx 3 inches deep and then let your mail order plants soak up the goodness from the bottom of their pots.

Gently squeeze or tap the plant out of its tube with two fingers supporting the stem. Dig a small hole and water lightly (making sure your roots are well watered before they go into the ground) then cover in your hole and just make sure your mulch is sitting far enough away from the stem - this will form a little well to catch the water. 

Now sit back and watch your new tube-stock plants grow...