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Benefits of Indoor Plants

Benefits of Indoor Plants

Too much indoor air leads to poor concentration, a bad mood and just feeling urgh.

But plants can make you feel better! Researchers at RMIT University, the University of Melbourne, and Plant Life Balance have proof.

They’ve looked at 101 separate studies on plants in the home and pulled all of that knowledge together. They found bringing plants into your home and office can massively increase your air quality and wellbeing.

Here’s the main study, but if you’re short on time we’ve got the basics for you. 

Plants And Indoor Air Quality

Just one plant in a small room can give you 25% cleaner air. It’s because plants absorb airborne pollutants.

Just like rainforests absorb our co2 emissions, houseplants absorb carbon monoxide and chemicals from paint, furniture finishings, cleaning products, scented candles, air fresheners and so on.

Many of these chemicals are VOCs – that’s volatile organic compounds. They can turn into gasses and vapours that we inhale. It’s not good news because they’re bad for your health.



What is ‘wellbeing’?

It’s a toughie, but scientists measure it as feelings of positivity, inspiration and relaxation – all those good feels we want more of.

To boost wellbeing with a little plant love you need a variety of species and sizes.

Groupings of different plants fascinate us, so we’re de-stressed by them BUT it’s important to have a cohesive look because chaos has the opposite effect. We need a sense of order and co-ordination to feel relaxed.


What About Room Size?

Researchers looked at medium-sized plants (that’s about 30cms). Here’s what they found:

  • A small room

That’s 3x3 metres - a kiddy’s bedroom with space for a single bed and bedside table, or the average home office space.

1 plant = a little bit more wellbeing with 45% cleaner air

2 plants = 50% more wellbeing and 75% cleaner air

5 plants = ultimate wellbeing and air quality 

  • A medium room

A 4x5 metre room like a bedroom with a double bed, dressing table and wardrobe. Obvs you need more plants for better effect.

1 plant = a little bit more wellbeing and 25% cleaner air

5 plant = 60% more wellbeing and 75% cleaner air

10 plants = ultimate wellbeing and air quality


  • A large room

And finally, a large 8x8 metre room like a lounge/diner.

1 plant = a little more wellbeing and 25% cleaner air

16 plants = 60% more wellbeing and 75% cleaner air

32 plants = ultimate wellbeing and air quality


Size Matters

Bigger root balls and leafier plants mean more health benefits.

But big plants cost more! We hear you - but don’t be put off.

Our value packs start as babies and rapidly grow into full-size plants. It’s the most cost-effective way to achieve all that healthy good stuff with houseplants.


Which Houseplants Are Best For Air Quality?

The best air purifying plants were tested by NASA. They include English ivy, Boston fern, spider plant, devil’s ivy, areca palm, philodendron, spathiphyllum, bamboo palm, snake plant, dracaena, and rubber plants.

Guess what? We stock all of these babes in multi-packs. Here are some of our best packs for air quality and wellbeing:

Don’t Have Time To Water? Grab A Sustee or Ten

Plants need care, but there are hacks and tips to make it simple.

One of the best accessories we’ve found are Sustees. These little pen-like devices tell you when it’s time to water your plant babes.

Read some more about them in our blog. We can’t recommend them enough because they take all the hassle out of watering.

You could also try a self-watering pot. These amazing creations store water and wick it up when your houseplants get dry.


Love Your Greens

We have a connection with nature and the outside world of greenery, soil and oxygen, but we spend lots of time indoors. In fact, some figures put urban dwellers down as spending 90% of their time indoors.

Houseplants can help you. 

Not only do they look good, they actively improve air quality and wellbeing.

We’re so proud of our babes, graduating into the world and making everyone feel good.

Try out some easy-care houseplant and you won’t look back.

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