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Mail Delivery Plants : What to Expect & What You Need To Know Once They Arrive.

Mail Delivery Plants : What to Expect & What You Need To Know Once They Arrive.

Newbie plant owners listen up. We’re here to help with your lovely plant purchases so please don’t be scared of your new green friends.

The first thing we want to say is that plants want to grow and given a few conditions they will do so in grand style. There’s magic involved but that is all done by Mother Nature.

Plants delivered in the mail

Second thing, green fingers are not given out at birth, we’ve all got to learn -  Plants don’t naturally grow indoors! They need some help – and yes you ARE the person to nurture them.

We’ve written garden coach emails that’ll be sent to you once your plants arrive.  Think of them as a guiding hand and back up support on what todo. We basically hold your hand as you grow. We’ll send these for a few weeks, but if you want more help just chat to us online. We love chatting, it makes us feel super special. 

overalls plant Sansevieria recyclable potHere’s What To Expect When The Aust Post Guy Rocks Up At Your Door (if you're not home he'll just leave it in a safe place for you)

  • First up let's open the box and keep it aside. You can use it to help pot up your babes and note that everything inside the box is recyclable, even the little plastic bags. The foam can dissolve in water, give it a little stir then pour onto your plants. 
dissolving foam
  • Admire their perfect little leaves and stems. Aren’t they just gorgeous? 
  • Grab a pot, with a drainage hole and some premium free-draining potting mix. Your plants will arrive in our small nursery grow pots but they will need more space over time (no rush they will survive in these tubes for months as long as you keep the water up to them). The next size pot up is enough to shift to, a pot 5-10 cms larger in diameter. Select the larger size pot for plants that grow quickly. For slow growers, a pot that's 1.5 - 5cms larger works well or with our range of pots a maximum of 140mm pot for our 50mm stock and 250mm pot maximum for our 85mm big babes, otherwise your new plants will put all their effort into growing roots instead of foliage and flowers and we don't want that.
  • Pick up a plant gently not by its leaves. If a leaf falls off that’s fine. If the stem is crushed its a total game over.
  • Place ‘em in a bowl of water so the plant can absorb some moisture from the bottom up - remember they have been on a long journey.
  • Put them in the sink to drain out.
  • Place your plant in the new slightly bigger interior pot you just chose and the potting mix should cover the roots. Add more potting mix so it reaches the previous soil mark and leaves the stem clear. Basically same height it was in the grow pot it came in.
  • Choose a space depending on what you have purchased. Succulents like it bright and sunny and leafy greenery prefers indirect sunlight. Refer back to your plant descriptions for exact light or read the email guides we sent you - check your junk box just in case it went there.

Now, as the days go by you might find your plant droops a little, grows way too fast or looks a bit ill. Either you’re watering it way too much (See this blog for watering), or it doesn’t like the light conditions. Just move your plants around until it finds its happy place or use the plant light app to know what type of light your room offers.

As summer and winter roll round you’ll probably need to move your plants around too as they need more or less light. After a year or so you’ll need to re-pot into the next size up again. It’s good fun to watch your little plant grow up into teenagers and adults.

Once you get to know plants it comes easy. Peace lilies like it shady and not much water, Pilea likes it shady with a few drinks of water here and there and Haworthia succulents like it hot and dry. Water well when watering and allow to drain and only water again when the soil is dry approx 1-2 inches from the topsoil.

We have some bits and pieces that can help you on your plant journey. We sell self-watering pots in all colours and Sustees to prevent over or underwatering of indoor plants. These guys have totally changed the way we can water our plants, guaranteed money back if the Sustee can't tell you when to water and when not to!

Then there are our specific plant packs to suit your experience level like the Plant Killers pack or greenery to suit a dark room like Dark Matters and Easy Care pack that our team members have trialled and tested.

Train Your Green Thumb Growing is good for the soul, plants purify the air, and they make you feel good with their natural leafy green foliage. They are nothing to be scared of. Humans are hardwired into growing plants, and you can do it! 

Remember we’re always here to help with gardening coach emails, a chat online, plus there are plenty of tips here on the blog page.

If it all goes wrong, don’t worry and don’t give up. We all have to learn and growing plants is a skill, not a gift.

Plants will make you happy so try again. We offer free shipping to most states, our plants are guaranteed fresh to your door.

Yeah, we love it when people start growing so we’ve tried really hard to give you a headstart and lots of help.

Still feeling out of your depth? Get in touch and we’ll sort you out.   

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