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All About Photinia's : Which One Will You Pick?

All About Photinia's :  Which One Will You Pick?

It's all gibberish to most of us. Who knows the difference between a Photinia Red Robbin or a Pink Marble, please stand up!

If you need a strong good-looking, versatile plant to plant into your suburban garden or rural property then Photinia is a no brainer.

They are fast growers which means they can be hedged to create a more formal screen or to outline a garden or property boundary in double fast time.

Need a privacy screen, formal hedge or a windbreak, then these guys will do the job just nicely.

Their new growth of brilliant red leaves makes for a super trendy display (everyone will want to own one of your photinia's).

The hardiness of Photinia means that even the beginner gardener will have no trouble growing them. Plus if you buy from us we follow you through for the first 30 days of your new plant's life! Who even does that?

Hot and dry conditions - no problem; cold and frosty - sweet, they can handle that too! These plants can pretty much grow in all areas of Australia.

They dig full sun but are pretty happy with some part shade and will even drop you some small white flowers in mid to late Spring to attract those pollinators.

The only problem is there are over 60 species of Photinia so we stick to growing only the more popular varieties.

Here is the difference between varieties to make it easier when plant shopping online.

  • Photinia Red Robin's mature foliage is smooth, leathery dark green and that makes the perfect backdrop for its new flushes of brilliant red leaves. When hedged, it creates an allover display of red that you can’t help but notice. Red Robin, when left to grow naturally, will reach a height of 3-4 metres and 2 metres wide. Want to keep it hedged at 2 metres, that is easy in fact she looks great at this height all prim and proper.
  • Photinia glabra Rubens, her leaves are a little smaller than Miss Red Robin so she is known as the small leaved Photinia. Her leaves are every bit as stunning with her bright ruby red, glossy new growth. Rubens stays bushy to the ground and grows to about 4 metres high and loves a good prune if you need a hedge at 2, 3 or 4 metres - you choose.
  • Photinia Pink Marble just like the name suggests her leaves are a pinky red and white with a marbling effect. They really do look very pretty and handle our Australian conditions well.  She'll be happy to keep to a height of 2 to 3 metres and 1 to 1.5 wide. We think her leaves are pretty special - having a bit of white in amongst the red.
  • Red Fence™ Photinia x fraseri ‘CP01’Pbr is the new kid on the block that has been developed by the Ozbreed group. She thinks she’s a bit special because not only are her leaves red but they are a little bit crinkly. Red Fence is more compact and only gets 1.5 to 2 metres and 1 metre wide, meaning she makes a great short hedge but still with those beautiful flashes of red growth.

Like any plant they still like to be given a good start to life, so make sure you prepare your soil well, provide watering in the establishment phase, a dose of fertilizer a couple of times a year and top with a healthy dose of mulch and 'voila' you just planted yourself a fancy hedge. 

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